“Chasing J.A.R.V.I.S” A Series on the Design of Voice User Interfaces

Case Study One

“Imagine This…”

Our first attempt

The assignment is based off the IDEO design thinking model.


A couple of the quick notes I jotted down mentioned that parking was difficult as it is, but the hard thing is finding the optimal parking for the right class.


We called the action UVU Parking Genie


  • The dialogue was pretty natural and each interviewee was able to quickly interface with the prototype.
  • “I’d only use this once on the first day of school, but once I had experience I wouldn’t need it anymore”
  • “I don’t use voice assistants”

The Challenge

We didn’t have time to test this concept, but we did feel that to make an actual solution to someones problem, we should help them be informed by relevant information, not fixed facts they could get from a map or by asking someone.

The Takeaways

Caden Damiano is a User Experience Designer based in the Silicon Slopes.



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Caden Damiano

Product Designer at Progressive Leasing and Host of “The Way of Product Design” Podcast