You are a “Niche”

What you Need to Understand About the “Long Tail” and Your Personal Brand.

Part One of a Series on Personal Brands

This is how the internet fixes the above problem.

This is how people object to creating media.

How Long Tail Economics Smashes Objections.

On the X axis, Products and the Y axis measures popularity.
I own my niche. That’s the goal.

You are a niche

What do you think a hiring manager is going to decide after looking into you?

Own that 20%

Share the Work You Want to Do

Caden Damiano is a User Experience Designer based in the Silicon Slopes.



The Business of Design, UX case studies, thoughts on creative leadership in organizations, marketing and and essays of thought provoking ideas.

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Caden Damiano

Product Designer at Progressive Leasing and Host of “The Way of Product Design” Podcast