Aphorisms to Go

Short and Sweet

An aphorism is a condensed form of writing in which one can find the theme of a novel, the lesson of an age, or a pithy diversion.

No aphorism is complete without context, but one may feel free to bring their own.

If you play chess three moves forward, you may lose to the computer, but you will surely best an opponent projecting ten moves forward.

The only edge available to a passive trader is willingness to retain positions in time horizons extending beyond the next quarter.

An entrepreneur is one who puts all of his eggs in one basket. Anyone else is merely an investor.

Returns on invested energy compound faster with focus.

A failed startup is only a failure if no new doors were opened along the way.

Those you helped on the way up will without fail be waiting for you with fail.

Games of wordplay are better reserved for advertising copy or country music songs.

Double entendres say more with less, the hard part is keeping them self consistent.

Comedians are by far a sad lot unless they learn how to laugh at themselves (which is not the same as laughing with themselves).

Changes to the status quo require proportionally preposterous tactics.

Free will is not a universal constant.

If a point can be probabilistically fixed between a set of orthogonal states, then every action that is taken to point a trajectory in a specific direction reduces the capacity to steer.

Every path is a distribution.

A daily run on a treadmill is the worst fate I can imagine.

Run enough times, every trail turns into a treadmill.

What scares me about the metaverse is that we may never be able to move to a new city again.

Curation of connections and interactions is the last application I would have wanted to outsource. And yet somehow it became the first.

Doing what is good for the greater good assumes you know which good is greater.

The only certain good is that which you can reach out and touch.

The louder you play your music, the more people will go out of their way to avoid you.

The moment you master some song, you lose the ability to hear it.

A dusty bookshelf is a reminder to visit the library.

People will literally pay $30 for an album just for the experience of browsing through a record shop. And it is money well spent.

Album covers are the only form of high art left to the rest of us.

Blogging resembles musical performance in that the majority of us will likely never be more than a one hit wonder.

A single exit is all that is needed for a startup to succeed.

Walking away is…

Quarter Master — Snarky Puppy

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Nicholas Teague

Nicholas Teague

Writing for fun and because it helps me organize my thoughts. I also write software to prepare data for machine learning at automunge.com. Consistently unique.