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Nicholas Teague
Sep 13 · 7 min read


I’ll offer as a bit of explanation that it sometimes feels like I have a kind of speech impediment, one that may not be obvious but often coalesces in a kind of density of meaning for lack of a better description — many of the echos and patterns that can be found in these posts aren’t literary devices, they’re just how I think. This sometimes make plain speech or small talk challenging, but I get by. It’s kind of ironic that much of my career path has fallen into the sales umbrella, a rut I’ve only recently succeeded in escaping.

If you ever get a chance to dig into the essays of Paul Graham, you’ll find that he describes a writing process of getting a first draft out as quickly as he can but then spending weeks if not months editing and revising, soliciting comments, and only then finally settling on a polished form. Let’s just say that I took a different approach. The average time from a post’s conception to completion here was 2–3 days, and nothing took more than a week to finalize. As a result I think there is a certain energy carried through that might be lost otherwise, at a minimum it certainly leaves an impression of state of mind. (To be clear some of the more sophisticated topics were preceded by months if not years of study, but once I got going the writing part was pretty quick.) One thing I discovered about blogging is that every time you finish a post, every single time, it feels like this must be the final one — because you have no idea what else you could possibly write about :).

I apologize for the attempts at poetry, yes I agree those are pretty laughable.

I’m grateful to Medium for providing such a polished platform with a forgiving learning curve. I really do hope they succeed.

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