The Perceptions of the Blind

May you live in interesting times

There are things we can’t predict. Consider a weather forecast. Within the space of a day we may see storms coming by the hour. Looking ahead a week may dampen perception to a day’s span, and beyond that the fog of uncertainty blinds below seasonal distributions. The chaotic interactions between elements of such a domain obscure precision. Inevitable uncertainties of initialization are amplified in progression, every stage of inference a compounding.

The Etudes of Philip Glass : 1–8 : Nicholas Teague

Consider the transmission of a signal. By definition every channel has a source of noise, imperfections introduced in communication, the sender and receiver forever at odds. But there is hope! Redundancies may be introduced to a message. Alternate channels may be added, error correction may be introduced. A voice may yet be heard.

The Etudes of Philip Glass : 9–14 : Nicholas Teague

Consider a quantum computer. Every gate applied a source of decoherence. Every time step a dampening of phase. But there is hope! Redundancies may be introduced to a circuit. Error correction may be achieved. Fault tolerance may yet recover what was lost.

The Etudes of Philip Glass : 15–20 : Nicholas Teague

Consider the plight of the blind. A window of perception narrowed to a sliver, a single column of pixels stretched to the horizon. The distribution of measurements drawn from a dark palette. And yet, there may still be a song played, the key placement yet discovered, a tune that was lost remembered, a voice of hope in the darkness.

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Glassworks — Phillip Glass


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The Perceptions of the Blind — Nicholas Teague




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