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Inspiring Success Stories vs The Great Chain of Being

An old medieval print depicting the Great Chain of Being.
The Great Chain of Being, where all life is ordered from rocks and plants at the bottom, people a little up from the middle, angels in the upper half, and I guess Yahweh is in the castle?

My friend wanted to share with me the sense of inspiration she’s been getting from reading Will Smith’s biography. I told her, hopefully in a successfully tactful way, that I just don’t care about celebrity biographies. I didn’t want to rain on her parade by diminishing whatever joy she gets from it, but I didn’t want to have to patiently feign interest in a topic that I would be just waiting to…




All my various writings but without the movie and show reviews.

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Dave Gutteridge

Dave Gutteridge

I write mainly about how my life falls apart, followed by opinions about shows that usually involve super heroes, and occasionally other random things.

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