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Men and Women and Doing the Dishes

An image from the Instagram account of Reductress, showing a woman not cleaning up after dinner.
An image from Reductress, a sort of feminist wanna-be Onion style satirical news site. Image used without permission. Please don’t sue me. And go look at Reductress, it’s funny.

Every now and again I’ll be at a friend’s place for a dinner, and when the meal is done, generally speaking, the women will do the dishes, and the men will hang out and talk.

I don’t live in any kind of 1950’s American sit com style mythological universe where women are “supposed” to do the dishes, or are “supposed” to do anything. I know a lot of different men who are on a spectrum of opinion about…




All my various writings but without the movie and show reviews.

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Dave Gutteridge

Dave Gutteridge

I write mainly about how my life falls apart, followed by opinions about shows that usually involve super heroes, and occasionally other random things.

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