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Since day 1, our business has depended on the strength of our partnerships with restaurants. We’ve built hundreds of strong, long term relationships over the past few years and here’s our secret to doing so:

our own self-interest is aligned with the self-interest of our restaurant partners.

“That’s no secret,” you may be thinking. “How obvious.” But truth be told, most B2B businesses struggle to truly align their interests with that of their customers. That’s why we started building Reserve in the first place. We saw an opportunity to solve deep problems in the restaurant industry that no one was solving. So we passionately decided to do just that.

Four years later, it’s abundantly clear that the only way to achieve our goal of building the best table management in the industry is by continuing to align our interests with those of our partners. Here’s how we’re doing this:

Reserve’s Chicago Team at Fat Rice’s JBFA brunch. Our four Chicago employees have a combined 45 years of industry experience at acclaimed restaurants like Spiaggia, Per Se, Daniel Patterson, David Burke, and more.


We believe a mix of talented product and tech people with experienced restaurant veterans creates a magical synergy. This leads to great products that solve the problems that restaurants are currently facing. It’s this mix of tech and industry knowledge that form the perfect combination to change the restaurant marketplace.


We believe in building the right infrastructure from the ground up for long term sustainability, even if that might hurt our sales in the short term. We build substance features, not sizzle features, that will allow restaurants to dramatically improve their day-to-day operations and bottom line. That’s why a year ago, for example, we took the time to build a new type of table management system, an evolution of the traditional Slot- and Flex-based models, even if it meant going quiet for a few months. The ease of its UI and its core functionalities (like single-day edits and minimization of dead space) gives restaurants back more time in their days to focus on dozens of other tasks that need attending. Our restaurant partners’ long term success is the bedrock of our own success.

Reserve is the first reservation and table management system to offer an evolution of the traditional Slot- and Flex-based models that optimizes a restaurant’s books to seat more guests.


We believe we should charge restaurants a fair monthly price for the products we offer only when we deliver differentiated products that provide more value to the restaurants. We don’t want to profit at the expense of restaurants, which is why we don’t charge cover fees. It’s important to us that our business model aligns with the business model of our restaurant partners.


We believe in a transparent data model. We’re deploying big data and predictive analytics to our restaurants in a way that no one else is by packaging actionable insights to our partners that will drive real results.

More importantly, we’re making all the data we have available to our restaurant partners. Competitors like OpenTable struggle to provide restaurants the tools to measure ROI because so much of their business model is tied to proving value on a per cover basis, an antiquated measure of a table management and reservation platform given today’s digital landscape. Our partners routinely tell us that the direct source of their reservations is the kind of data they have requested for years and yet their requests have always been met with vague answers.

We want to help our partners understand their customer’s journey from start to finish, so they can better engage with them and deliver more personalized hospitality that keeps them coming back. We believe that a restaurant’s diner is their diner only, not Reserve’s, so helping them understand their customer data is fundamental to our mission and the success of the restaurant. Our primary concern is providing tools for guests to seamlessly book reservations at restaurants, no matter where they booked or how they discovered that restaurant in the first place.

Aligning our business model with the restaurants business model is our top priority. Is it important that your partners work FOR you? Let’s talk.

We built Reserve to provide restaurants with the tools they need to be successful. We are not a one size fits all operation because neither are you. We work with our partners to determine the best solution for their specific operation, and our success stories tell us we’re doing something right. We’re proud to report an industry low 4.1% no-show rate. Data integrity is important to our customers and to us too. That is why we offer a digestible, transparent data model for our partners to not only see the whole picture, but take action on the findings. We work with you to determine a plan so that you can maximize on the demand driven to your business during the reservation process, and we help you understand the tools available to you to push these limits and fight no-shows.

Interested in hearing more? We’d love to chat.

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From The Kitchen

Food for thought from the hospitality community and friends. Curated by the content team at Reserve.


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From The Kitchen

Food for thought from the hospitality community and friends. Curated by the content team at Reserve.

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