Consistency in Writing

Consistency is hard. That’s why it’s so rare–and so valuable.

Anne Janzer
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3 min readNov 29, 2021


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As a writer, you need consistency for many reasons:

  • Improving your craft
  • Feeding creativity and generating ideas
  • Building an audience or an author platform

All of these goals require consistent effort over time.

The importance of consistency came home to me recently reading Mark Schaefer’s new book Cumulative Advantage about the fact that advantage breeds advantage.

In the book, Schaefer offers a formula for how creative innovative ideas take off, or books become best-sellers that lead to a friendship with Oprah. (Hello, Tim Ferriss.)

Authors who already have platforms have more success with their next books. Success breeds success.

Many factors contribute to wild success: identifying a “seam” of opportunity, leveraging that seam with a “sonic boom” of promotion, getting others to help you spread the word. And of course, luck and personal fit come into play.

But his formula includes building momentum through constancy of purpose.

Here we are again-consistency. Schaefer writes: “Consistency is more important than genius.”



Anne Janzer
From the Library

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