Why should ENT blog?

Why shouldn’t we?

For the Fraternity

“Epsilon Nu Tau Fraternity is committed to creating a global society of entrepreneurially spirited individuals in order to advance the ideals of professionalism, entrepreneurship, salesmanship and ethical business practices.” — ENT

What I love most about Medium, is how it brings together individual blogs with their own followings to form a larger community with blogging as a forum for discussion. ENT can start conversations in which brothers can share ideas and knowledge with each other, as well as the public. We can strengthen our brotherhood and grow our recognition in the global community.

For Brothers

Entrepreneurs must master communication. Whether it’s coming to decisions with business partners, connecting with your audience to market your business or anything in between, communication is always key. In particular, publishing articles here will be great practice for when you find yourself writing a company blog or even an email to your subscriber list.

Company blogs are common among startups these days as a form of content marketing. Any venture can benefit from blogging in the same way ENT can by taking part in, even starting, discussions in a public forum to increase brand awareness and establish credibility.

Advancing Ideals

What better way to advance the ideals of professionalism, entrepreneurship, salesmanship, and ethical business practices? Brothers can share their take on professionalism as it evolves today, or share how they would describe entrepreneurship distilled down to its core essence, etc.

My hope is for this publication to serve as a space for brothers of ENT to share their stories and their thoughts as they relate to these subjects.