Divine Heat

A poem

Gila Nehemia
Oct 26, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Chris Rhoads on Unsplash

The mystical fire that smolders in my veins even when the fear creeps in
Whispering to trust my feelings, sensations, signs that reveal the truth
My blaze is not one that needs to be quenched but tended to, stroked, massaged, coaxed, and explored
It is the very nature of the soft orange glow of my light body
A passion that desires kneading with your hands, your words, your smell, and your energy
Sizzling lava that forever screams like a pressure cooker letting out steam in Divine timing
Burning like chili peppers on thousands of taste buds that can only be savored on my tongue, concealed from the naked eye
Scorching the shadows that cloud my infinitesimal, luminous orb particles
Exposing an unprocessed, primal vulnerability that infuses a million Goddesses within
Unveiling the multitude of buried emotions
Releasing the many sides and facets of my wholeness
Internally healing open sores, swellings, pain, years of abuse, and sadness
Outwardly embracing my divinity
I am the union and heart consciousness
A cosmic alchemical melding of polarities that merge into the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe
New beginnings emerging from the covert subliminal self

Gila Nehemia is the Founder of Wild Writers Heal. She guides people to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her coaching focuses on trusting the internal GPS, our intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps people to increase awareness of their own divine bodies and heal traumatic wounds through writing. Schedule a 30 minute sacred call.

Gila Nehemia

Written by

Sacred Erotic Love Mentor, poet, and author who is passionate about helping people live a blissful, divine, erotic life. http://www.wildwritersheal.com/

From The Poet's Heart

Poetry is beyond rules especially not just restricted to pain. Poetry is all about emotions, experiences, compassion and realizations. Come, let's together make a difference. Through words and verse.

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