Be Good To Yourself…….

The Buddha is said to have told a story of a leper who felt so much discomfort and pain that he will dig a pit, make a fierce fire, and toast his limbs over the fire. Apparently, that was the only way he could get some form of temporal relief from his pain. Many years later, this leper was healed and one day, whiles walking through the forest, he chanced upon a group of lepers toasting their limbs just as he once had. He was filled with pity, for he knew in his current condition, he could never bring himself to hold his limbs over a fire.What was comfort to the sick lepers was a form of pain to the healthy.

In life, we occasionally encounter conditions that cause pain, anguish, anxiety or sometimes a combination of all these three emotions on our being. In such situations we might often choose the quick way out. After all, why should we subject ourselves to these emotions when perhaps, whatever caused them, is indifferent to our plight? We might as well seek some form of release from our pain. Why should we not spare ourselves, just for a moment, in order to escape the reality of this harsh world?

The answer is quiet simple. We deserve to give ourselves the best.

Do not keel over to the demands of this life. Do not exchange a temporary relief for a prolonged season of suffering. Do not escape your reality, embrace it, for it is only in doing so that you can overcome it. Whatever your struggle may be; feeling alone, feeling unworthy, a broken home, love gone wrong. The answer to your situation lies not in a bottle or the bosom of a woman or drug induced euphoria.These only appeal to you because of your current situation. The answer lies within.

The answer to your situation lies not in a bottle or the bosom of a woman or drug induced euphoria.It lies within.

Make no mistake, coming to terms with this can be a difficult and painful journey. But the alternative will only yield temporal relief which will continuously reduce in intensity the more you find it.In conclusion, I will use a quote whose origin I cannot seem to recollect.

Only pleasure can come from the outside. True joy comes from within.

Be good to yourself……

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