Canvas of Fears II

Your Canvas of fears
hanging in your room,
driving you to tears.

Your canvas of fears
framed by your anxiety,
painted with your insecurity,
touched up by your timidity.

Your canvas of fears
Forever present in your mind
Projecting right before your eyes
Your self concocted prophesy of lies

Your canvas of fears,
a depiction of your lack of faith.
Your canvas of fears,
a result of your constant need to relate with success 
and give failure much needed space.

Your canvas of fears,
has sentenced you to unending years of doubt ,
and brought drought,
where once there was naught
but constant showers of joy.

But today is the day,
your canvas of fears is not here to stay, nay!

You shall tear it to shreds,
you shall soak it in heavenly praise 
and with prayers set it ablaze

And when the smoke has cleared
and the doubts disappeared
you shall boldly step forward
and claim all that your fears had swept away.

Inspired by a close friend