Steven Lee — President of MacRitchie Runners 25

Q: Could you please introduce yourself sir?

I am Steven Lee and currently I am the President of the MacRitchie Runners 25.

Q: What got you into running Steven?

I started running during my school days. Since then I did not stop and continued to keep myself fit and healthy.

Q: Was there an exact event during your school days which got you into running?

I participated in many cross-country runs, especially cross-country runs to represent my school and our district front.

Q: What has kept you running ever since?

The important thing for me since then has been to keep myself fit and healthy so that I do not fall sick easily.

Q: You mentioned that at the age of 66, you have never taken a day of MC?

I think that that is because running all this time has helped keep me from falling sick easily. I have been working for many years without even needing a day of MC.

Q: What advice would you have for people starting out on their fitness journey?

I think that currently in Singapore, people are taking care of their health due to the high medical expenses. Nowadays I can see at parks that a lot of people are really keeping themselves fit and exercising for their health unlike the olden days when not many people would do exercises such as running.

Q: Can you tell us more about MacRitchie Runners Club?

This club started in 1976 by Dr Hsiang. It is 40 years old as of this year. I have been in the club for nearly 30 over years. In order to join the club you need to run 5 Kilometers (KM) in the trail with a timing below 25 minutes.

Q: How big is your club right now?

To date, registered runners qualified, we have about 2000 runners. However, some of them have already semi-retired. We definitely have about 500 active runners.

Q: How can one register to join MacRitchie Runners?

Anybody can join. Our progressive runs and time trials are all free. People can join just to run and keep fit. During the odd months of the year such as January, we begin the progressive runs starting from 10 Km until 35 Km in November. This is to prepare to run the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December. Our trials start during February and every even month we set the 5 km-25 min time trial for new members to join the club.

Q: Do you have tips for new runners or those who want to start running?

As humans, I think anyone can run. It depends on how fast and how long you can go. Anyone can achieve something if they just start exercising.

Q: You mentioned that you are an Ultra-Marathoner and that you are going to run the Korean 60 Km run?

Just last year I did the Butan, Kalahari, Cambodia and 66 Pyongyang Marathons. This year I am doing the Korea 50 Marathon in April. I will also be going for the 100 Km run in Chiang Mai in November 2017.

Q: What is the secret to your physical and mental fitness?

There is no secret. Just train for it and run. Keep yourself fit, train a lot and keep yourself going.

Q: When you are running Ultra-Marathons for days and hours, what keeps you going at that point in time?

Like I said, you train for it. Train mentally as well as physically. When you are in the trail, just think about enjoying yourself, looking at the scenery and watching everything that goes by. That keeps you going.

Q: What is your goal for running in 2017?

My goal is to do the 100 Km run in Chiang Mai. The marathons are spread out throughout the year and Chiang Mai happens to take place during the end of the year, November. I can really prepare myself for it.