Quavo Scott? Offset Halpert? Comparing The Office and Migos

Recently I realized there are only a few things in life that I REALLY like. Like REALLY. Things I can talk about, debate, watch or listen to for hours on end.

One of these things is The Office. I’ll admit, I’m a noob when it comes to this show. I just finished watching it through for the first time ever, and yes, I cried a lot during the finale (which is sadder than when Michael leaves, don’t @ me).

Despite joining the party late, I feel like I have good understanding for the characters. I’ve discovered that I love talking about them, analyzing their development throughout the seasons, and just pointing out funny moments. I should probably shut my mouth when watching with someone else, but I just can’t.

Another thing I have grown to love recently is music. Up until I was a sophomore or junior in high school, I didn’t really listen to too much music. I had a short iTunes playlist that I listened to every once in awhile, but nothing signifying I really liked an album, or an artist. I liked individual songs.

Now, I am a big fan. Big music guy. I have been told I listen to “frat music”, a.k.a. the music that frats bump at their parties, rather than real hip-hop. I agree with this, but it doesn’t stop the fact that I spend a lot of my day listening to and admiring the music on my playlist. I often times “hit them folks” and maybe dab once or twice when I’m walking down the sidewalk by myself. My favorite song to perform these wicked dance moves to is “Get Right Witcha” by Migos. Oh, and speaking of Migos, I forgot to mention what I want to try and write about in this article. I want to compare characters from The Office to the three members of the Migos: Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset.

I know what you’re thinking: the actors from The Office are already so glaringly similar to the Migos just to the naked eye, what other similarities, other than looks, can I possibly conjure up?

Well, here we go:

Quavo and Michael Scott:

It feels weird to be comparing Quavo to the father of one of his best friends.

Yes, this means Holly is Travis Scott’s mom. Travis Scott is one of the four children Michael and Holly had after they moved to Colorado. Wrap your head around that. Now let’s move on.

There are actually some legitimate similarities between Quavo and Michael. They’re both the ring leaders. The guys who stir the pot. The ones who sit atop the throne. Quavo is the face of the Migos, and Michael Scott is the face of The Office and Dunder Mifflin.

They both had brief solo careers, leaving people wondering whether or not they’re abandoning their families. Quavo was the first of the Migos to go collaborate with other artists on his own, like Post Malone on “Congratulations”, or Drake on “Portland”. The media questioned whether or not this meant an abandonment of Offset and Takeoff was on the horizon. It wasn’t. He’s always come back after brief stints away, just like my dog when we let him outside without a leash and no electric fence. And, Culture II comes out soon, with all three Migos on it. It’s gonna be lit.

Michael has done the same. He left Dunder Mifflin when Charles Miner became his boss and started Michael Scott Paper Company. Despite working in the same building as his old co-workers, things just weren’t the same. It put a sour taste in my mouth, and I wanted him back at the helm of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Eventually, he forced his way back. He used his wit and charisma to win back the spot. He couldn’t let Miner separate him from his family.

Michael couldn’t even be separated from his Dunder Mifflin family after leaving the freaking show. He didn’t have a contract with NBC and he still had to make an appearance in the finale after being gone for two seasons. He had to see Dwight, his former number two, get married, as well as seeing all his old cronies for one last time before the show ended.

Both these guys put family first, and themselves second.

Michael and Quavo are also both watch connoisseurs. Quavo is seen with a fair amount of ice on his wrist at all times, and raps about it quite often. He even has a $2 million watch collection.

This is all you need to know about Michael’s unparalleled passion for watches.

I mean, he has a certificate for owning a watch hanging up in his office. And whenever he has a one-on-one with the camera there, the certificate is in the shot. Casual fans probably thought that was a college degree. But not me. I’m not casual. I’m hardcore.

Offset and Jim Halpert:

These two are similar for one reason: swag.

To me, Offset has the most swagger out of the three Migos. Maybe this is because he’s the best rapper of the three, and that heightens my view of him, but I still think he’s the smoothest, best-dressed, and iciest Migo. Not to mention, he’s the only one of the three with a public girlfriend, Cardi B. He probably looked at her once, and she agreed to go out with him. I’d probably do the same. That’s the effect Offset has on people. I mean, look at those eyes.

Beautiful, right?

You know who else slays women and has copious amounts of swag? Jim Halpert. Jimmothy. Big Tuna. This guy is the king, and I envy him very much. Pam called off her wedding because of him, then he straight up goes and dates Karen. Savagery.

He oozes confidence. He has the belief he can do anything, whether it be gradually making a girl fall in love with him, or pulling a brilliant prank on Dwight. He’s so clever, and has an excellent speaking voice (…), not to mention his flow. Boy, would I love to have hair like that. Let me go on to the next comparison before I go any further than I already have.

Takeoff and Dwight Schrute:

These guys bring their hard hats to work every day, grind their hearts out, and get no credit. It’s amazing.

Takeoff was the king of the meme world a little while back after this interview:

Does it look like he was left off Bad and Boujee? Am I part of the meme now? Let me quickly post a Bad Luck Brian meme on my boy’s Facebook wall, one sec. I love memes.

When you analyze the statistics and examine the tape, Takeoff was, in fact, left off Bad and Boujee, the most popular song off Culture, Migos’ most recent album. Because of this, he hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves for the success of Migos. Since people know he wasn’t a part of Bad and Boujee, they think he isn’t essential to the success of the group. That’s where they are wrong. His work on “Slippery” and “Get Right Witcha” are pieces of art. The slight rasp of his voice does more to me than Offset’s eyes and Jim Halpert’s hair. That says a lot.

The bottom line is, Takeoff contributes heavily to the success of Migos, just a lot of people don’t notice it. He is the butt of a joke, and will be for eternity.

That brings me to this handsome beet farmer.

This guy has been the butt of so much of Jim and Pam’s trickery over the years, I honestly feel bad. He had to unwrap his entire desk, which was covered in wrapping paper. His stapler was immersed in Jell-O. He was convinced to buy Jim’s “magic beans” at the Dunder Mifflin garage sale. He was also convinced that Jim gained superpowers after being bitten by the bat that flew around the office. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break.

Despite this, the dude straight up grinded. He was consistently mentioned as the company’s top salesman. His passion for Dunder Mifflin radiated throughout nine seasons of the show; he always wanted to do anything it took to improve the company. Yet, he wasn’t rewarded until the end of season nine, when he finally became manager. By then, it seemed like a consolation prize, since Michael and Andy had left the company, and Jim was about to move. Sad stuff, would have liked to see him in power for longer.

This is the end of my first blog. Hope you enjoyed.