A super easy and beautiful guide for ‘Fine people’

It totally works! It is the best!

Disclosure: I am not responsible for any side effects. Also, if it doesn’t work on you, it might be because you are ‘very, very bad’

My guide for ‘fine people’ is beautiful. It is the best. This 7 easy steps for ‘fine people’ only needs: YOU! Keep reading and by the end you will become a ‘fine' person.

Step 1

Ask yourself this: ‘Am I a ‘fine’ person? If the answer is ‘yes’, skip all the way to Step 6. If the answer is no, keep that chin up and keep on reading.

Step 2

Tell yourself: ‘I am a fine person’. If you think you are a fine person, you most certainly are.

Step 3

Remember that time you made a decision or said something that damaged, hurt, or inflicted any unnecessary stress on someone? Well, stop remembering and/or reflecting from that and just forget about it.

Step 4

Remember those moments when you said something or had to make a decision that would have an impact in real life, people or things, but you purposefully chose to ignore that impact and were selfish and hurtful in the outcome? Well, Step 4 is to forget all about it.

Step 5

Tell yourself this about what you remembered in Step 3 and Step 4 ‘these moments never happened’. How do you feel? Good? Great! Now let’s go to the next step. We are almost there!

Step 6

This is the easy part. Ignore all postulates that state that there is no good or bad in the world and radically believe there is only good or bad. Take everything out of context and understand it as good guys versus bad guys. The world is a dichotomy. Of course, assume yourself as ‘good’.

Step 7

Ask yourself again: “Am I a ‘fine’ person?”.

You see? Your answer is ‘YES’, for sure (it has to be). If not, repeat from Step 1 to 6 until you know you are ready to say that big capital ‘YES’ to yourself.

Watch the next video to see a ‘Fine’ person in action with a natural radar to distinguish ‘fine people’ from ‘very, very bad people’.

… But you also had people that were fine people, on both sides! You had people on that group […] that were there to protest the taking down (to them) a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from ‘Robert E. Lee’ to another name. — Donald Trump, Aug. 2017.