Remember when mexicans helped rebuild New Orleans after Katrina?

Some people might have forgotten this

In the year 2005, one of the deadliest and most expensive hurricanes impacted US territory, provoking the dead of 1,833 people and costed 108 billion dollars in damage and rendered 300,000 homes uninhabitable.

I remember when that happened. It was news in mexican television. What was the response of Mexico over a catastrophe that displaced, hurt and killed US citizens? Help and solidarity.

Mexico sent convoys with food and soldiers to help clean and clear the rubble that the hurricane left behind.

One of the most damaged areas of the US was New Orleans and Texas. But undocumented immigrants were there to help and rebuild the city (a quick search in Getty has evidence of that). Many of them were not paid for that work.

Mexican soldiers were a relief to US workers, citizens and military in Texas who struggled cleaning after that natural disaster. It was a challenging task (I bet this act of solidarity is something that someone at the White House does not remember). Mexican soldiers had not been in Texas since the XIX century Texan Independence from Mexico, and in contrast, in 2005 they were there to help, in an act of respect of sovereignty and solidarity.

Would this be posible now with Harvey? In what conditions does this hurricane strikes the US in relation with the people that were there, in 2005, to help? How will the persecution of undocumented immigrants be an incentive to help this time around?