Continuous product discovery, using data effectively, and the leadership tension between product and design — Announcing the next 3 talks at Front Salt Lake City 2017

Front Salt Lake City 2017 is coming fast. The product case study conference is now less than 10 weeks away! Today we’re announcing the next three three talks. View the first three here.

We hope you’ll join us for two full days of dedicated time away from your desk, learning better ways to work together and to be inspired to grow your career in UX and Product Management. At Front, you’ll forge new friendships, enjoy great food, and learn from nearly 700 talented peers, influencing the organizations they work for and changing people’s lives through technology. You’ll immerse yourself in real-world, from-the-trenches case study talks and interactive panels discussions from innovative, working professionals.

Creating amazing products requires more than brilliant ideas, meticulously crafted interactions, and cutting-edge technology — it requires a fanatical focus on users and a commitment to producing something that is both useful and desireable. It requires cross-functional teams that listen, iterate, and learn.

Tickets are on sale now and will sell out quickly.

Teresa Torres

Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk

Teresa is a product discovery coach who helps teams adopt user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices. She works with companies of all sizes on integrating user research, experimentation, and the right analytics into the product development process resulting in better product decisions. Recent clients include Allstate, Capital One, The Guardian, and Snagajob. Before becoming a coach, Teresa spent the majority of her career leading product and design teams at early-stage internet companies. Most recently, Teresa was VP of Products at AfterCollege, an Internet startup that helps college students find their first job. She was CEO of Affinity Circles, an online community provider for university alumni associations and a social recruiting service used by Fortune 500 companies. She also held product and design roles at and HighWire Press. Teresa has a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and an MS in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University.

She will be speaking on Adopting Continuous Product Discovery Practices Across the Enterprise:

Continuous product discovery is the next evolution in how to build products that customers care about. This case study will highlight how one organization is adopting continuous product discovery practices across the enterprise. It will explore the transformation by the leadership team, by product teams, and by each of the individuals that make up those teams. For companies considering adopting continuous product discovery practices, this case study will give you a blueprint for how to reinforce this transformation and will include gotchas to look out for as you adopt this change.

Vicky Thomas

Head of Product Strategy, Lucid Software

Vicky Thomas is a Lead Product Manager at Lucid Software, makers of top-ranked productivity apps Lucidchart and Lucidpress. Prior to joining Lucid, Vicky was a Product Manager at Adobe, where she was responsible for simplifying the Marketing Cloud implementation process. She is passionate about bringing new ideas to life with teams of exceptional people. Vicky holds an S.B. in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a certificate in Advanced Engineering Leadership from the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program. She is the President of the MIT Alumni Club of Utah, and an active volunteer in Utah’s STEM education ecosystem. Vicky has received numerous awards for her industry and community impact, including a 2015 Women Tech Award from the Women Tech Council.

She’ll be speaking on That Time I Wasted 2 Months of Dev Work: When and How to Use Data Effectively:

We’ve all been told to be data-driven, and we know that opinions and intuition are no substitute for good metrics. But what does it really mean to be data-driven when the rubber hits the road? What good are a/b tests if the user base is too small to reach statistical significance? Are year-over-year or month-over-month comparisons ever appropriate? Does qualitative user research have a place in a world of cohort reports and conversion rate graphs? And how can I get my team involved to build data into our culture? In this talk, Vicky will share her experiences leveraging data to build Lucidpress, Lucid Software’s design & layout web app. From user interviews to Design Sprints to multivariate testing, the Lucidpress team has used a wide variety of tools to optimize their product for its 2M+ users. Through real-life examples (like the time they burned 2 months of development time that amounted to nothing), Vicky will share what she’s learned about when and how to use data effectively.

Talin Wadsworth & Tom Krcha

UX Lead & Senior Product Manager at Adobe

Talin Wadsworth is the lead product designer for Adobe’s Project Comet, a new design tool for UX/UI and mobile app design. As part of XD, Adobe’s internal design team, Talin has led many 1.0 product initiatives, including the launch of Creative Cloud and Adobe Sketch for the iPad. He is obsessed with design, RISOgraph printing, and the monthly trading card series he produces for his team.

Tom Krcha is a Senior Product Manager and co-founder of Adobe XD (Experience Design CC). Based in San Francisco, Tom is a sought-after speaker, having presented at industry conferences across North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the course of his 17-year career in design and development, he has worked on several popular games, apps, and websites. Before joining Adobe, Tom worked for interactive studios, streaming companies, and telco providers.

They’ll be speaking together on Product vs. Design:

If you want to lead and build great products, should you be a UX designer? Or a product manager? Does it matter? Join Tom Krcha and Talin Wadsworth from the Adobe XD team as they share case studies and real world experience of getting #$&! done at Adobe. Learn about defining a vision, testing prototypes, building teams, and shipping products that help define the future of digital experiences.

Check out or highlight video from last year. We sold out with over 600 attendees from 5 countries and 28 states across the US.

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