Front-end Development

Anything related to building things using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

“View mode” approach to responsive web design

Rethinking the way we build webapps to create a better user experience regardless of screen size

What happens when you stop caring about the user

A great example of horrible user experience

I’m sitting on the bus, as I do every morning, on my commute to…

Building animations using narrative aesthetics 

Animation plays an important role when building a user friendly interactive application. They can be used to create a…

Glyph Wars

A look on how CSS frameworks do them

Glyphs are characters from fonts that look like icons. As simple as that.They can be placed either before or after a…

Objects in Space

A style-guide for modular SASS development using SMACSS and BEM.

First of all — for the non-readers, here is the pattern. Take it. Care for it.

Start coding from an iPad

The future of personal computing is already available for developers

Relying on my own computer as my development environment sounds…

Responsive design? Tutti possono sbagliare

7 errori da evitare

“Tutti possono sbagliare.”
— Un riccio scendendo dalla spazzola

A More Semantic Approach to Spriting Images

Spriting images is a well-known, well-documented way to speed up page load times. The standard technique is to set a sprite sheet image as the `background-image` of an element, and position it so the proper sprite shows through. This works great for icons and other images that aren’t part of the actual content, but not so great for images that…

Global scope, Namespacing & CSS

Protecting your CSS from outsiders.


Anyone who worked with CSS before knows that one of the…

A Little Structure For Your Large Sass Project

When working on large projects, even the best CSS comments in the world only get you so far. The bigger the project gets, the more…

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Perchè al “Mi piace” di Facebook preferisco il buon vecchio “Condividi”

Forms Experience

Using CSS to VISUALLY validate form fields

Let’s remember:

In HTML5 we have the awesome required feature and we can use it to…

A day in the life of a front-end developer

I was asked recently by someone looking to possibly get into this field, “what does a normal day look like for you”? It’s a good question. I…

Sizing (Web) components

by adding a Trojan horse into your CSS rules.

When using a UI Framework, I think it’s quite important that you can easily customize it. This is especially true for Web Frameworks where there isn’t really a “style guide” like on platforms like iOS or Android.

You use a framework because you don’t want to reinvent…


For production & development web application performance insight.

While many applications trace server-side code to produce performance statistics and help nail down bottlenecks, it’s just as important on the client. With a little bit of work you’ll be able to see which devices, operating systems, or browsers require attention.

What I Learned from CSS Preprocessors

I love cascading style sheets(CSS). I love how simple it is. The syntax is so straight forward and easy to learn, it was love at first sight. For me…

Front-end Development
Front-end Development

Anything related to building things using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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