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10 Insanely Useful Google Chrome Extensions Every Developer Should Have in 2020

1. Wappalyzer

When the urge to know a web sites’ tech stack, takes over. To analysis the technologies, we have our baby scientist Wappalyzer.

It even helps us to keep updated with niche technologies in the market

2. ColorZilla

Choosing Colour for my websites confuse me a lot So most of the time I visit other websites for inspiration and to steal there colour

3. Code Cola

I really like this one, you can check full CSS of selected section or element as well as you can edit it’s CSS online.

Recommend to designers as well as non-designers

4. SessionBox

For one website we have multiple logins and it will become cumbersome to signOut and signIn every time or use other browsers to get persistent authenticated access of different accounts at the same time. To overcome this situation we have our this buddy.

5. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

As a developer sometimes we have to give proof to the tester or client that it is or it was working and to collect the pieces of evidence we do have our this hitman with us.

6. Web Developer

Just a few words to explain this marvellous extension

one weapon to shoot various types of ammo

7. Octotree

An extension that brings your GitHub experience to the next level.

checking files inside one folder of GitHub project is always a headache but now you can navigate GitHub projects files with tree-like file structures in IDE.

8. JSON Viewer

The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen.

In my life JSON response is the only response I am getting and sometimes it becomes so bulky so to understand my this love letter I have to take help from my this nice buddy.

9. Talend API Tester

Most of my time I talk to only one being which is my server and he only talks to me by APIs, To help out to talk with my server I had this postman for chrome.

10. Lighthouse

One of the best tool provided by the google team to audit your website performance, quality, errors …

Thanks to every reader or my followers, I made this article with ❤️ specifically for my fellow developers.

If you find this helpful then surely you find my another article regarding best and unique vscode extensions.




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