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11 FrontEnd Web Development Tools To Assume in 2022: The Most Cutting-Edge Technologies

The web development industry is continuously growing, and new tools are emerging all the time. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be aware of the latest frontend web development tools.

The development of frontend web applications is a process that requires the use of various tools. So, the right set of frontend web development tools can make the web development process easier and faster while also improving the quality of the end product.

As per a recent report, the progressive web development market is anticipated to grow by nearly $11 billion by 2027 ( a CAGR of 31.9%).

Moreover, these tools help you save time and accelerate the process. They assist you in writing, viewing, and maintaining the code quickly and conveniently.

Since there are too many frontend web development tools available in the market, we decided to create this list of eleven frontend web development tools that you should consider using in your own projects in 2022.

These technologies are chosen because they stand out from the rest and are likely to remain popular throughout this year and beyond.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Find Out Top Front-End Web Development Tools To Consider in 2022


Vue.js is one of the popular frontend web development tools that focus on building user interfaces. Vue.js offers an excellent balance between simplicity and powerful features needed for complex web applications in a short time, thanks to the one-way data flow architecture.

An additional benefit to using Vue.js is the ecosystem of add-ons which allows developers to pick and choose from a pool of mature UI components for creating their own optimized component library.

Developers have been quick to embrace Vue.js due in part because it’s fairly easy to learn and master at both entry and expert levels.

Moreover, Vue has a large and active community, a great documentation website, and a growing number of courses online which further reinforces its popularity. You can also hire a front end developer to create a dynamic web app.

Github- 184k stars

Salient Features of Vue.js

Some of the crucial features of Vue.js that have made it so popular include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use

Vue.js is easy to learn and doesn’t require expertise in complex frameworks such as Angular or React.

  • Data-driven approach

Vue.js uses a data-driven approach which makes it easy to manage the state and keep track of changes in the UI.

  • Size and performance

Vue.js is one of the smallest frameworks out there, making it fast and lightweight.

  • Community and ecosystem

Vue has a large and active community that is constantly growing, as well as an impressive collection of add-ons and tools that can be used to build a highly optimized user interface in a short time.

  • Ease of debugging

Vue is designed to make debugging easier without having to add additional tools or libraries.

  • Server-side rendering support

Traditional frameworks such as Ember and Angular don’t have server-side pre-rendering support, but Vue does. This makes it easier for developers to render their pages on the server with ease.

  • Dependency Management

Vue’s scoped dependencies system allows you to create components that are self-contained and completely isolated from other parts of the application.

This means developers can easily work on different projects without coming across conflicts with other modules in the application.


Bootstrap is one of the efficient frontend web development tools that help developers create websites, themes, and even custom components. This Javascript library has been in the market longer than most other libraries out there, which explains its popularity when it comes to building fast prototypes.

Developers have been using this library for years because of its extensive support for mobile devices and relative ease of use when it is compared to other frameworks such as Angular or React. You can also hire front end developers to develop efficient web applications.

In fact, Bootstrap was one of the first major UI frameworks developers used when HTML5 applications were in their infancy stages. One added benefit to using Bootstrap is that it offers a massive collection of built-in components, including layouts typography.

It has a vast and active community, a great documentation website, and a growing number of courses online, which makes it an ideal choice for frontend web developers who want to build fast prototypes without having to spend much time on research or learning new concepts.

GitHub: 150k stars

Salient Features of Bootstrap

Some of the salient features that make Bootstrap such a huge success in the front-End JavaScript framework include:

  • Customizable and easy to use

Bootstrap offers a variety of customizable templates and themes for creating websites, components, and apps with ease.

  • Scalable and responsive

Bootstrap is designed in a way that you can easily create scalable layouts without having to worry about cross-browser compatibility

  • A code-first approach

Bootstrap uses an ecosystem of JavaScript, Less, and Sass which allows developers to write less code that is still more maintainable.

  • Easier to learn

A large community with a growing number of courses on coding bootstrap allows front-end developers to pick up the framework faster.


Angular is a front-end JavaScript framework that facilitates the development of single-page applications. Developers have been using this framework to create high-performing web apps because it’s relatively easy to use. It also offers great support for TypeScript, which makes coding much more efficient.

The library has an extensive documentation website, including courses and tutorials on how to implement certain features.

A major reason why many developers opt for Angular over other libraries is its active community. Whether you’re looking for examples or solutions, there are plenty of resources out there that could help you build your next app in no time.

GitHub: 73.4k stars

Salient Feature of Angular

Some salient features that make Angular popular include:

  • TypeScript

Angular uses a type of scripting language called TypeScript, which is more intuitive and easier to use when compared to other JavaScript frameworks.

  • Two-way data binding

This feature makes coding apps much faster. In addition, the framework has an object reference that allows developers to link UI objects with JS objects, making it possible to access them from any part of your app.

  • Built-in dependency injection

Angular comes with built-in support for dependency injection, which allows developers to divide their code into small chunks and run tests without having to constantly access big files.

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern

The MVC pattern makes it easier for developers to build complete web applications using Angular.


React is one of the biggest front-end JavaScript frameworks (perfect frontend web development tool) on the market that has been gaining popularity because of its ease of use and high performance.

Developers looking to build scalable, adaptable, and fast apps should consider React as it gives several features, including speed, simplicity, scalability, and flexibility.

The framework is based on JSX, which makes it easy for developers to create their own HTML tags and components within the app.

It uses a component-based approach that allows developers to build apps with different components, hence making the process flow much easier.

Developers who are new to React find its large community helpful when looking for support or working on projects.

Moreover, so many developers choose this library over others because of its ability to handle massive data without breaking it down quickly.

GitHub: 169k stars

Salient features of React

Some salient features that make React popular include:

  • Virtual DOM

This feature eliminates the need for web browser refreshes in order to update UI changes

  • Server-side rendering

One distinct advantage of using React is that it renders pages on the server before sending them to the browser. This allows users to access pages faster as they don’t have to wait for content to load after each page refresh.

  • Easy integration

React takes care of UI rendering and updates thanks to its lightweight approach towards web performance. It does this without affecting other DOM elements or configurations.


BackboneJS is one of the oldest front-end JavaScript frameworks around and has been used by many developers to create single-page apps. It’s easy to use this framework since it does not come with a lot of advanced features and instead offers a structure for easier web app development.

Developers who are looking forward to building high-performing web apps love working with this library. It has a lightweight nature that makes it much faster than other JS libraries.

Moreover, BackboneJS works great with data synchronization and server communication, which means you can build complex applications without much fuss.

GitHub: 27.8k stars

Salient features of Backbone

Some notable features that make Backbone popular include:

  • Modular

Building an application using Backbone doesn’t require too many code lines as it uses modular architecture. Backbone supports different versions of code for added flexibility.

  • MVC pattern

Backbone offers a version of the widely used Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, which eases web development greatly. Developers who are already familiar with this model can take advantage of it to build their web apps in very little time.

  • Unobtrusive JavaScript

One great feature that makes Backbone stand out is its unobtrusive nature that allows developers to easily add behavior without affecting page layout or structure.

This feature helps developers come up with faster and better solutions when dealing with problems related to UI or pages.


The Node Package Manager (NPM) is an excellent frontend web development tool that makes managing your code more simple by automating the process of installing modules and tracking their conflicts.

It allows users easy access and management of private packages, with no need for manual downloading. Also, the NPM Registry has a database full of free public modules available on its site, which makes searching simple.

GitHub: 17.3k stars

Salient features of #NPM

Notable features that make NPM popular include:

  • It allows you to install and manage dependencies for your projects.
  • NPM also includes a command-line utility that you can use to automate tasks like building your project, testing it, and publishing it.
  • Esteemed companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are members of node foundations.

Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome Dev Tools is a set of web developer tools built into Google Chrome. They allow you to edit, debug, and monitor your web pages.

With DevTools, you can debug JavaScript, modify stylesheets on the fly, monitor performance, profile CPU usage, and much more.

It’s available to view within Chrome and can also be installed as a standalone app for Linux users (on Windows/Mac) and is available as an extension for other browsers such as Firefox.

GitHub: 650 stars

Salient features of Chrome Dev Tools

Some of the salient features of Chrome Dev Tools include:

  • It has the ability to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in real-time.
  • It can view and change the DOM tree.
  • Chrome Dev Tools can monitor network activity and performance.


Grunt is a JS-based task runner that allows you to automate common development tasks such as formatting, linting, and minifying your code. You can use Grunt to run tests of your application, compile Sass files, and more.

The benefits of Grunt include the fact that it’s easy to set up integrations with other popular frameworks such as jQuery, React, Angular, etc. It has a huge collection of plugins available for download, which makes it highly configurable and extensible.

GitHub: 12.1k stars

Salient features of Grunt

Salient features that make Grunt popular:

  • Grunt is a cross-platform tool and can be run on Windows, Linux, or Mac.
  • The grunt default package can be installed with npm (Node package manager).
  • It has above 4000 plugins and is used by big production sites.
  • Grunt allows you to run multiple CLI programs by simply passing the option like “–help” on the command line.
  • It also provides the logging ability to display the results of executed tasks. So, if there is an error, it will show up in the console for debugging purposes.
  • Grunt also provides a vast ecosystem with less effort.


Sublime is a text editor for code, markup, and prose. It’s one of the top front-end dev tools as it’s lightweight, easy to use, and can be used with many languages. It’s extensible with plugins too.

Rather than distracting them with tools that do too much or are bloated, Sublime lets developers focus on their work while handling the features they need to use.

Many web devs favor Sublime for its speed, simplicity, and useful plugin support.

With Sublime, you can quickly and easily search for anything without remembering obscure keybindings.

GitHub: 456 stars

Salient features of Sublime

Salient features of Sublime that make it popular are:

  • One can write extensions in any language that can compile to Python, including Sublime’s built-in Python implementation.
  • Package support allows you to quickly extend Sublime with your own features. It is extremely easy to share packages with others, allowing you to quickly add features.
  • Sublime Text supports many languages and is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • It is reliable and quick.


Meteor is an open-source JavaScript web framework that was released in December 2011.

The Meteor core framework contains a live database, support for both client-side and server-side rendering, built-in internationalization support via Node.js, hot code pushes supported by the MongoDB process memory manager and many more interesting features.

GitHub: 42.4k stars

Salient features of Meteor

Incredible features that make Meteor popular are:

  • Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing web and mobile applications.
  • It has an embedded database that allows for the storage of application data.
  • There is no need for a database administration as Meteor manages the application’s data automatically.
  • Meteor has its own front and back end layer to avoid vulnerabilities and complexities related to security.
  • It uses only one language (JavaScript) across all layers of the stack, which makes it easier and more efficient for developers.


jQuery is the most widely used front-end library, thanks to its lightweight nature and ability to handle multiple tasks at once using a few lines of code. It’s extensively used by developers who are looking for a powerful library that does not take too long to implement or learn.

Since jQuery is so popular many developers rely on it when they are building simple web page features or smaller UI enhancements. Additionally, jQuery offers an extensive list of plugins that allow developers to add complex functionalities without investing too much time in learning new frameworks.

However, this doesn’t mean that jQuery can only be used for small projects. Developers with existing coding experience can make use of this framework when working on big web apps or sites since it allows them to work quickly and extend the application according to their needs.

GitHub: 42.4k stars

Salient Features of jQuery

Some notable features that make it popular include:

  • Compatibility

This library works very well with all kinds of browsers, allowing users to access web page features across different platforms. It can also be used for cross-browser compatibility, which means it’s a great option when you’re building an app that has to run on multiple devices.

  • Ease of use

Another reason why so many developers opt for this framework is its ease of integration since simple HTML scripts are enough to get things running in no time.

Additionally, allowing too many code lines required for complex functionalities does not affect the performance of your web app, which makes this library worth considering.

  • Plugins

jQuery offers a large collection of plugins that are easy to use and can be customized according to your needs. This means you don’t have to write new codes every time you want an extra capability in your web app.

Summing Up!

All of the frameworks and libraries mentioned above are extremely popular for a good reason. They make it easy to build efficient and reliable web applications.

Each frontend development tool has its own unique features, but they all share one common goal: to help developers create amazing websites and apps quickly and easily. So if you’re looking for a solid foundation to start your next project, these frontend web development tools are definitely worth a look.

Moreover, you can also hire a dedicated front-end developer to efficiently integrate the above front-end web development tools into your web app project.

Good Luck!



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