2 Helpful Ways in Subduing Overwhelmingness in Learning to Code

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3 min readJan 27, 2023
Frustrated and overwhelmed developer
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This is a little discussion about the frustration developers feel when they try to learn a new programming language.

I feel this is a general case. But for me, it’s JavaScript. Learning HTML and CSS was a breeze.

I had many problems when I started learning JavaScript, but one major one was the overwhelming things to learn in the programming space.

I know I know very little, and despite that, I want to simultaneously learn many things.

But how am I dealing with my frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed?

1.) You don’t need to understand everything.

Do not panic
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The point I’m going to share is one I learnt from a video on Youtube titled, ‘How I Hacked My Brain To Learn Coding’.

A quote that I like from the video is -

You don’t need to understand everything … any topic that you’re thinking about learning, learn the basics and that’s it. Understand the concepts and then when you need it, go deeper.

Danny from Danny Discovers channel on Youtube has shared this powerful advice..

And I would like to buttress his point .

2.) Appreciate the knowledge you have.

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I don’t really know about other frontend development paths, but if you’re like me, and my path has been HTML → CSS → JavaScript, and the likes, then there’s something you should learn —

That HTML and CSS can build a lot of things. With basic knowledge of JavaScript, you can build a lot of websites.

My point is if you know HTML and CSS, you should be happy and grateful with it, don’t be disheartened. Go on, build many projects, and try learning the little Javascript you need along the way.

And if you don’t understand it, copy-paste from StackOverflow, codepen or something. It’s not a must you know everything.

But then, understand a little to tweak the code.

The point is to appreciate what you know and build stuff with it. However, that may not be easy too.

But believe it or not, some people have spent way more time trying to learn what you know now.

So let’s be patient, persevere, and, by Allah’s will, we’ll reach our goals.


  1. ) Don’t learn everything. Learn the things you need to build a project you can take on, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. ) Appreciate what you already know and improve gradually. Not everybody has learnt what you already know now, even though they spent more time and effort.

Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a response.

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