20 Data Table Libraries for JavaScript in 2020

Kapil Rastogi
Jun 26 · 6 min read

The data grid library enables the manipulation of HTML tables with big sets of data, as well as provides extended features, such as custom sorts, complex conditional styles, advanced searches, pagination, custom filters, and line editing even for your table. Online, there are several available ways to add data grid functions on tables, by either adding PHP, .Net or the uses of JS Grid Libraries.

The DataTables is a jQuery JavaScript library plug-in and an extremely flexible tool that’s created upon the progressive enhancement foundations, adding to any HTML table all advanced features. We will discuss here some of the most used JS data table libraries/grid and resource for this year, which developers may find useful and they could add grid functionality to the tables easily, as well as do various functions, including custom sorting, paging, and advanced filtering on the huge data set.

I have benchmarked several grids that have superior performance that’s measured as the time require to build different sizes of grids with stock dataset.

JavaScript Data Table Libraries in 2020

  1. W2Ui

The library is a contemporary User Interface library of JavaScript that primarily uses CSS3 and HTML5 for front-end development and for creating rich web apps that are data-driven. It requires a jQuery version 1.9 as the dependency library.

It’s considered the all-in-one solution that contains all major User Interface widgets, such as Popup, Layout, Tabs, Sidebar, Toolbar, Grid, Forms, and Field Controls. The library has superior user experience with a design that’s pixel perfect, a contemporary appearance and feel, and a complete JS transparency as well.

2. The jQWidgetS

Purely, 100 percent library framework of JavaScript to craft responsive, contemporary mobile and website applications, which work on any type of device. It’s thoroughly built on open technologies and standards, including CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript.

It can be used with TypeScript, as well as other popular frameworks, like Angular and KnockoutJS, as well as server-side technologies, including Node.js, ASP.NET, JSP, and PHP. It’s an entire framework that offers 60 JavaScript UI components for React, with jQuery widgets that are touch-enabled, themes, drag and drop plug-ins, input validation and MVVM support.

3. jQuery Grid

A plugin of jQuery that’s Ajax-enabled that provides a solution for web tabular data representation. It’s a plugin for the jQuery JS library and thus supports a lot of web browsers. Since it’s a client-side solution, it dynamically loads data via Ajax callbacks.

It could also be integrated with any server-side technology, including ASP, JSP/Java Servlets, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, and others.

4. Ext JS Grid

Sencha provides UI components, framework, and tools to create enterprise-grade mobile and web apps that are high-performance. The grid component enables developers to add robust analytics capabilities to the applications.

The high performing grid could handle big sets of data in a seamless manner, and works with any JavaScript framework of choice, and other popular ones as well.

5. Fancy Grid

Fancy Grid
Fancy Grid

A JS grid library with server communication and charts integration. A big module with support for the major frameworks of JavaScript, such as VueJS, jQuery, Angular 1 and 2, and Web Components.ule.

Has wonderful features, such as amazing features, which include filtering, sorting, Ajax data, paging, flexible CRUD, Ajax data and so on. The smart modules system automatically detects as well as loads the modules required, theming, touch support, form module, good documentation, and support.

6. SlickGrid.

JavaScript’s completely open source client-side grid control that’s based on jQuery and jQueryUI. It’s also compatible with Bootstrap. The data source of the library is set up as an external component or JSON data, meaning that SlickGrid should be compatible with a huge range of contemporary frameworks that are data-centered.

7. Angular UI Grid.

A data grid for AngularJS and a part of the AngularUI suite that supports native implementation of AngularJS. It performs well with big sets of data as well, even with more than 10,000 rows. The plugin architecture enables you to only the features you need.

The library has standard support, such as filtering, interaction, sorting, testing integration, as well as some advanced features including column pinning, grouping, virtualization, expandable rows, edit in place, and internationalization.

8. Webix

An easy to learn, advanced, responsive, mobile-friendly, and open source and rich free JS UI components library to hasten web application development.

It has over 50 UI widgets, grid solutions, .NET version, spreadsheets including charts and trees. It integrates with Angular 1 and 2, VueJS, Backbone.js, custom integrations, and Meteor as well.

9. Ag-grid

An enterprise grade JS Data Grid, which supports major frameworks of JavaScript, including Angular 1 and 2, VueJS, React, web components an Aurelia. The purpose of the grid is to provide a data grid, which an organization software could use to create apps, including data analytics and reporting, data entry and business flow.

10. Telerik

Provides Kendo UI JS framework and various widgets, with MVC, .NET and PHP versions. Now, it has an Angular 2 version as well. The Grid solutions are scheduler, grid, tree grid, and spreadsheet.

11. Griddle

A super-customizable data grid React component. Griddle by default is a data grid but a little more than a data grid. Via the pluggable and customizable architecture, thee library turns into a rendering data lists rendering.

It ships with several basic functionality and conventions, but provides the ability of customizing just about any methods and components. It has a plugin support now.

12. ngx-datatable

A component of Angular to present complex and big data. Has all the features you expect from any other table. It was designed to be very light and flexible.

It was made for contemporary browsers, like CSS3, TypeScript, HTML5, and Angular v4. It does not make any data assumptions, or how you sort, filter, or page it.

13. DevExtreme

It is used for building responsive web applications for both traditional desktops and touch devices, such as interactive charts, data grid, navigation, data editors, as well as multi-purpose widgets designed to provide robust functionality and to look great in any browser. It supports major frameworks, including React, Angular, AS.

14. Ember Table

An add-on to support huge sets of data, and several features around the table. The Ember Table could handle more than 100,000 rows without performance or rendering issue.


  • Column reordering and resizing
  • Fixed first column
  • Resizing the table
  • Handles transient state at a cell level
  • Table grouping
  • Selection of single, multiple row
  • Custom header and row

15. dgrid


The next generation grid component taking full advantage of object stores and modern browsers. Easily extensible, modular, lightweight, it is released under the same CLA and open-source licensee of the Dojo Toolkit.

16. ZingGrid

A JS web component library of JavaScript, enabling developers to include in their web apps interactive data tables. The library as well could be used in popular frameworks, like React, Angular, Vue, jQuery and so on.

17. Stacktable

A plugin of jQuery used to stack tables on small screens. It stacks entry one on top of the other in each row with the listed major elements for simplicity. Has limited documentation and lesser options.. But as a whole the purpose is to transform to more mobile-friendly standard table elements.

18. PrimeReact

All of the widgets are free and open source. It’s very user-friendly and sweet, with plugins that are lightweight and ultra-fast loading.

Also, you can use prime mobile and primefaces with bootstrap for a nice looking application that’s embed easily with backend, such as Hibernate via a connection Spring that uses the MVC method.

19. React Virtualized

Optimized heavily for performance when the set of data is big. The library is not a table library exactly. It’s React components for rendering huge lists and tabular data in an efficient manner.

Consider using it when you want to manage a big data set. It has a comprehensive documentation and the community around the tool is very mature, and has over 18,000 GitHub stars.

20. Vue

Requests JSON data automatically from a server, showcasing them nicely with a swappable/extensible pagination sub-component. Moreover, you could add buttons to every row and hook event into it.


Data tables are widely used in the mobile and web apps. They’re very useful when you wish to list data that could be represented in rows and columns.

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It's really hard to keep up with all the front-end…

Kapil Rastogi

Written by

Another full time #Blogger part time #Gamer. I can be termed as a #Techgeek. Very much enthusiastic about Sudoko. Cheers :)

Frontend Weekly

It's really hard to keep up with all the front-end development news out there. Let us help you. We hand-pick interesting articles related to front-end development. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter at http://frontendweekly.co

Kapil Rastogi

Written by

Another full time #Blogger part time #Gamer. I can be termed as a #Techgeek. Very much enthusiastic about Sudoko. Cheers :)

Frontend Weekly

It's really hard to keep up with all the front-end development news out there. Let us help you. We hand-pick interesting articles related to front-end development. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter at http://frontendweekly.co

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