Build SaaS Web Apps at Warp Speed

If you know me, you know I’m always building something, especially web-based SaaS projects. I just can’t stop!

Starting out is always a pain-staking process. Each time, I found myself spending a lot of time building the same foundational components of an app. It took forever before getting into the nitty gritty of the idea, you know, the fun stuff!

The Anatomy of an App

User Management, Authentication and Authorization

I want users to register, login, reset their password, change their password and all the boring stuff. Its 2017 and so I want users to signup with an email and password but I also want Facebook, Google or Twitter integrations.

I want to assign user roles.

I want to manage users’ profiles.

Subscription Management

It’s a SaaS app, and so I want to have a built-in subscription model. I also want wired to a payment gateway (I love Stripe) so I don’t have to worry about all the complicated billing stuff every time.

Admin Dashboard

I want an admin dashboard so I can look at the data without having to run direct queries to a database. I want to search records, edit them, delete them and so on.

I want to create data models on the fly.

I want error logs.

I want an in-app notifications system.

Easy Deployment

I want to easily deploy with docker to AWS, Azure or Digital Ocean. I want to do so in a matter of minutes.

Miscellaneous and Repetitive Tasks

I want to add Google analytics, Facebook pixel tracking, integrate with Mailchimp, send transactional email with Mandrill.

Wait, What Am I Working On?

By the time I am done coding all this stuff, I have already forgotten what this project is about and/or I am bored with it. I have lost interest and I have had plenty of time to talk myself into thinking about all the way this app idea is a lousy one.

No More

We wasted enough time, so what we did is build the ultimate Application Starter Kit that includes all the foundational and framework basics of a SaaS web app. In minutes, you will have a fully functional app and development environment ready for your idea and/or project. Hundreds of hours saved; you’re welcome. I wish this existed when I was still writing duplicative code over and over. It would have been the best $299 I’d ever spent!

Announcing the Developer Beta Program

We want to make sure we got this right and so we are launching a beta program. Beta developers will receive the Standard version for FREE in return for feedback. Please request an invitation here.

Technology Stack

  • Ember JS (React & Angular coming soon)
  • Rails (.net core coming soon)
  • Postgres
  • Boostrap
  • Docker Development & Deployment
  • Stripe, Mailchimp and Mandrill integration
  • REST-ful API (zapier-ready)