NodeJS — Life changer or just a mess?

Orel Balilti
Jun 20 · 8 min read

You might have seen nowadays that every single developer is now talking about the NodeJS and most of the people are also using it for web development. There are already many frameworks available on the internet yet Node.js overtakes them all with the unique features and the benefits it provides.

In the programming world, you might be aware that most of the people now prefer NodeJS in their development. In the upcoming years, the trend of NodeJS will even increase more. Now, the point comes where you might wonder, what actually are the features in the Node and why people are preferring it.

So, let’s get into the benefits of NodeJS and see how it totally changed the way of development. We will also further see the various frameworks that are useful for NodeJS development and their comparison to see which one you should use.

Benefits of NodeJS

Performance and Scalability: Everyone needs the best performance in their program. Also, in the world of internet, you never know when your business will need more support.

Single Threaded with event loop: Here, you will get single threaded features along with the event loop. You will get this in NodeJS v8. This is far better than multi-threading with blocking structure that you find in other languages such as Java or PHP.

Cross-functional team: For the business and the enterprise, NodeJS is the choice because of the cross-functional team feature.s You can combine all the analysis team, testing team, as well as the development team together to work as a single unit. This can be done using various kind of tools available.

Easy to learn: The other reason why NodeJS is being used so much in web development is because of the ease of learning. You can easily learn Node. This is helpful when you are recruiting new team members for the project.

Caching: The other unique features that are available on NodeJS is the caching feature. Whenever there is any request made to a particular module, the module is loaded and cached directly in the application memory. This helps the developers to make the website faster and smoother.

Freedom to develop apps: Here, you get the freedom to develop the apps and all the other software. You can directly start from scratch and start developing the application using the NodeJS. This feature is not present in other technology such as Ruby on Rails.

These are some of the benefits and the ways on how Node JS changed the way we do the development. Along with the advantage, there are several disadvantages or drawbacks too.

Disadvantages of NodeJS

We have already seen all the advantage of technology. Coming to the negative side, there are several drawbacks of the Node which people don’t like. Most of these are disadvantages are of JS and not only for the Node JS.

Lousy and Unstructured: The one thing that you won’t find here, is the proper module and type. People love when there are certain modules to make their code not only look nice but also easy to understand and update. This is one of the biggest drawbacks in the javascript.

Programming model: Node JS follows the Asynchronous programming model which is quite frustrating for programmers as they might face difficulties when it comes to linear I/O programming.

Stable API: One of the biggest thing that is lacking here is the stable API. You won’t find the proper stable API. The application programming interface keeps changing on a regular basis.

Eliminating these drawbacks

These are several disadvantages that are faced when you are using Node js in the development. The best alternative or the way you can remove all of these disadvantages is to use typescript based framework. Yes, there are some of the typescript based frameworks such as SugoiJS using which you can use on top of Node JS.

The lousy and unstructured drawback is easily removed here due to the class decorators and OOP principles present over here.

Each of these things makes coding simpler and effective. You can use the various API present over here with ease. The typos are directly caught at the compilation time eliminating the waste of time in running and building the program. There are many self-explanatory codes and the API present over here. However, the documentation is given for most of these code contracts and APIs but you will find the code very easy to use and implement.

This is how you can eliminate all the drawbacks by using the typescript or you can use the SugoiJS that is typescript based framework. We already mentioned the Sugoi JS a couple of time, let’s discuss it more to know how this framework is useful and later on we will compare the SugoiJS with the Node JS as well as we will also compare it with ExpressJS and SailsJS.


SurgoigjS is a minimal framework with modules where you can develop various application faster and with ease. It removes all the unnecessary things and makes the whole development process faster giving you the ability to develop only what you need.

For instance, Sugoi JS will decrease the amount of boilerplate code that is present in the syntax. This is present when you are using the abstraction and decorators in the OOP as well as on the SOLID principles.

In SugoiJS, there are lifecycle hooks predefined, which makes the flow of the application faster and more effective. Moreover, it will also help in the error solving part and for the testing process, this is one of the best things for the debuggers out there.

In short, the SugoiJS is a combination of decorators, typescript, abstractions, and also includes the predefined lifecycle. All of these makes the development process easier, faster and more reliable.

Therefore, SugoiJS will eliminate all the drawbacks of the Node JS with the amazing features they provide.

Fun Fact: If you are wondering about the name of the framework doesn’t sound English than you are 100% right. The name Sugoi is a Japanese word which means Awesome. The framework says the development process should also be Awesome just like the name of the framework.

Development using ExpressJS

ExpressJS is another framework that you can take a look at. It is a minimalist web framework which Node Js is using indirectly. The framework is the 4th generation framework that is built to increase the performance and the effectiveness of the code.

Here, we will see the overall development process with Express JS.

Performance: First of all, talking about the performance of the framework, here you will get the minimal unopinionated framework. Here, you can build your own application according to your preferences. Therefore, this is one of the best frameworks if you are building a whole new application. For the people who are redeveloping an application or updating a previous one, this can be a little bit messy.

Generator: The framework comes with the generator to structure the program. It will automatically create proper project folders and make the perfect hierarchy for all your files, images, front end javascript, CSS, as well as all the HTML files.

Database Integration: The integration with the database is done directly in the package itself. There is no specific database required for the integration, you can easily use all the popular databases including MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and all the other databases as you like. All you need is a proper driver that you can install from the npm command.

Template Engine: Here you will get the template engine. All it does is embed your backend variable into the HTML files for easy rendering. There are different template engine available that you can select according to your requirements.

Sails JS and the Development Process

The next alternative that you can use here is the Sails JS. It is one of the superior frameworks used for Node JS. It is an MVC framework with everything you need. Below are some of the features by which you can know the development process using Sails JS.

Project Generator: Project generator will automatically create files and folders for your project. It is useful when you are actually editing your data, as at that time proper structure of the data will save your lot of time.

Real Time communication: One of the unique features that you get here is real-time communication. Sails.js will wrap up the with the higher level API for the abstraction. Hence, you will get real-time communication using which you can easily create chat apps and also multi-player games.

MVC: MVC here stands for the Model view controller. It has an MVC structure. Therefore, if you have worked with the Laravel framework or say Ruby on Rails before, you will find the overall structure familiar. Therefore, for the developers, this becomes a little familiar and hence is easy to code.

Database ORM: Sails.js has the main focus on the server side logic and hence it helps a lot in the production. There is a middle layer with ORM named as Waterline. You can access a different database without any developers.

SugoiJS vs SailsJS vs ExpressJS

We have seen all of the three popular frameworks ones by one. Now we will compare each of them to see which one is the best and which one is perfect for you. To compare more effectively, we will see all the factors that determine the popularity and usage of the framework.

Performance: ExpressJS is a minimalist web framework and hence you might have seen that it provides more speed. However, when it comes to the enterprise level, you should go with SugoiJS framework. For the enterprise and the business applications, it provides the maximum speed as here all the teams can be combined.

Structure: When it comes to the structure, if you are talking about the external structure, without a doubt, all of the frameworks are best. This is because the Express and the Sails have the generator which will automatically generate all the folder structure. Whereas, if you talk about the code structure, Sugoi takes it all because of the class and the decorators available there. Your code will look the best and easy to understand when you are using Sugoi.

Usage: Not all the frameworks are best in each and every work. It depends on what you want to use it for. For instance, if you are planning to create a route mapping and handling application or chatting application, it would be far easy to create it in SugoiJS because of the features present in it. Therefore, first of all, you should identify what is your purpose and the usage, you can use the framework accordingly.

Which one to choose?

It is upon you which one you should choose for your application. We have already taken and pointed out the best features of each and every framework here. You can choose one depending on the features that you want the most.

The best way to find out which suits you the best is to try it out all. You might have already worked with the ExpressJS and the SailsJS, you can surely try out the SugoiJS as it seems pretty reliable and the features are too great. It will far easier to code as it uses TypeScript and as we have already seen TypeScript is far better than the regular Javascript. Therefore, if you want all the advantages of the TypeScript, you can try a framework that is based on TypeScript. It is pretty much the same as you get access to each and everything here.

Moreover, you can visit the official website of SugoiJS and check out the various other features that you will get. Most of the features are present in the framework. The framework is bit new and therefore, the number of resources available is less but the code and simplicity are too easy to understand and work. Therefore, it is worth checking out for development. You won’t find it any harder to work with it, instead, you will save some time due to the simplicity it offers.


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It's really hard to keep up with all the front-end development news out there. Let us help you. We hand-pick interesting articles related to front-end development. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter at

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