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Frontend Debugging : Resource Override Chrome Extension

If you are a front-end developer, you know debugging is the part of the development. You might have faced issues with click event functionality that works very well in your local set up but it does not work on the Production site. You do not know how to debug this problem as you do not have access to files or you don’t have signons for debugging in the production domain. 
I came across with this wonderful chrome extension named Resource Override by Kyle Paulsen.

Basic Scenario:

1) Lets say you have a site calls

2) You would like to override the file with your own version located at http://localhost/script/somescript.js.

3) You need to modify a function in the original Javascript file. How will you do this? Here comes Resource Override to rescue!

Resource Override allows you to inject JavaScript or CSS files, to edit and inject code and redirect URLs on the fly before requests are made.