My Ember Wishlist for 2018

Emad Ibrahim
May 7, 2018 · 3 min read

I have been building ember apps for 5+ years now (Hyperlogs and Application Starter Kit). I still LOVE IT. It is still my favorite framework. It is still productive. It is still fun.

The Ember team asked for blog posts to shape the direction of the framework, so here is a quick wishlist of things I would love to see.

  1. Lose Broccoli — this is not a big deal but I would like to use something more “mainstream” and other than Ember, I almost never see Broccoli used anywhere else.
  2. Partial Stylesheets — not sure if “partial” is the right word but I would like to have different routes load different stylesheets instead of one massive app-wide stylesheet.
  3. Multiple apps — this might be the same thing as Ember engines but I would like to have my ember app be multiple smaller ones. I might have an admin app, a user app and maybe a mobile app. I don’t want one single app for all 3 but at the same time I want to share common functionality between them e.g. authentication, models, services, etc… . It sucks when I have to load the entire app just to display a few views in the mobile version.
  4. Better mobile magic — not sure how this would work or what it is but it would be nice if I can easily make my app mobile friendly, maybe have have mobile views/templates e.g. which will automatically render when requested on a mobile device but will share the same controller.
  5. File structure — I use Pods but damn my pod folder is a mile long. I have started generating components under sub-folders and that seems to work ok but something more structured would be cool. For example in hyperlogs we have several components in the invoicing section, so I generate them under the pods/components/invoicing/my-comp1 etc…
  6. Angled brackets — can we make this the standard please?
  7. “Progressive” loading — I know the word progressive is being overused here but I would love to see is that when I go to route /account/project/1 that only the parts of the app that are needed are loaded not the entire ember app then when I click to go to /profile/edit then those parts are loaded in other words load-on-demand. I think that will speed up initial load and “first paint” and will make the app feel snappy.
  8. Server-less Fastboot — Is it possible to have some static html pages generated during the build process that can replace fastboot and the need for a fastboot server? Forgive me if this is a stupid request, I haven’t dug into fastboot, so I might have it all wrong.
  9. More magic — I know some people don’t like the “magic” in Ember but I love it. I would like more magic specially around common and repetitive stuff e.g. forms, validation, authentication, API consumption etc… How cool would it be to have something like
    {{my-magic-form model=model}}
    and have it generate a form with validation and hook it up to ember data…
  10. Faster builds
  11. Hot reloads during build — it would be cool to just reload the affected component during development instead of building and reloading the entire app.

Thank you Ember Team for building an amazing framework that really deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

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