Practical Vue.js Interview Questions

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Practical questions for the technical interview for a middle Vue.js developer, responsible for developing complex web applications such as admin panels or other intricate systems. These questions can also be adapted to other frameworks.

The last time, I participated in various technical interviews and had the opportunity to reflect on this process. I collected different interesting questions that could help in hiring an appropriate developer for developing complex web applications. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for developers to reflect on your experience before going to an interview.

There are many lists of theoretical questions available on the internet for interviews, so I’ve prepared a list of practical questions for inspiration. I want to note that it is not a tutorial for the technical interview.


Сommunication with the backend

1. What are the differences between various types of communication with the backend?
2. Describe which tools do you use to test requests to the server?
3. How to handle errors returned by the backend in one place by Axios? What features does Axios provide?
4. How to manage CORS during development?

Ready-made tools and libraries

1. What popular Vue libraries do you know?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ready-made UI components?
3. What is the tree shaking?
4. How can the same components be reused across different admin apps?

Here, the developer can demonstrate an interest in architecture as well as describe problems they may have faced in the past. Also these questions help demonstrate experience working with various modern tools that can optimize and make development more stable.

Architecture, programming principles

2. What is modular monolith?
3. Why is it necessary to move UI library components into a separate folder and create a separate layer for them when integrating a UI library?
4. It often happens that a developer needs to add new functionality, and there may be slight differences in components compared to existing ones. What can be done in such situations? And what are the known ways to extend components?
5. In applications, some of the logic is moved to the store, helpers, mixins, or composables, while some remains in the components themselves. How do you determine a correct layer(store, mixins…) for the logic?

These are common fundamental principles that developers constantly encounter when developing or extending functionality.

Common problems

1. There is could small inaccuracies in designs on Figma. What can you pay attention to before starting work on designs?
2. When adding multiple languages to a website, various problems may appear. Describe these problems and how they can be managed?

Common solutions

1. What are the ways to execute Vue methods in a JavaScript file? For example, we have added error handling for Axios and now need to display notifications from Element-plus about errors (in regular JavaScript files, Vue method calls do not work).

This is also a usual task for a developer to interact with the Vue framework in JavaScript files, like store or other.

2. How to implement the authorization page?

Here, developers can share their opinions on working with guards, tokens, and possibly add a few words about validation.

3. How to delay search requests until the entire phrase is typed instead of sending them with each keystroke?
4. How to effectively reuse input components and bind input data?
5.How would you implement a page with internal navigation?

It demonstrates an understanding of routing.

6. What is lazy loading, how to implement it?
7. How to implement font-size scaling for the whole application?
8. How to implement light/dark mode for the web app?


1.How can you debug a Vue application?
2. How to force re-render the Vue component?
3. What is the difference between v-if and v-show?
4. What is the difference between method and computed?
5. How to use Vue3 to display an element not according to the hierarchy of components, but in another place of the DOM tree?

General information

1. What is the difference between SPA, SSR, and SSG?
2. What kind of web architectures (SPA, SSR, SSG) do you choose for effective promotion on Google and secure key storage?
3. What tools do you know for testing website optimization?
4. How to optimize the website?
5. What is semantic and valid markup? What is it needed for?
6. What mutable array methods exist?

It helps to better understanding how you can work with Vue reactivity.

7. What tools help ensure consistent code formatting for the entire team?
8. What is GitFlow? Describe your typical process for working with Git.
9. How can you cancel the last commit? What is squash and merge in a pull request?

It is a basic knowledge about Git and teamwork.

10. What is the difference between normalize CSS and reset CSS?
11. What CSS properties can be animated, and which ones cannot, and why?
12. How to debug an application in production using cloud storage tools (e.g., AWS console)?
13. How to check a web application for cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform compatibility?
14. What are the ways to improve cross-browser compatibility?

Highlight the most interesting questions for you. Or share something in comments. In the future, you might encounter your favorite question : )

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