React JS— Learning to Swim

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So its been a few months on from my very first blog entry Front End Dev — Running before you can walk which touched on adopting new Front End technologies in the Javascript world.

After some thought I took off my armbands and threw away my ever reliant floats, I decided to jump in the deep end of React JS.

Upon completing 1 or 2 crash courses from the likes of Wes Bos (Highly Recommended) & joining a few developer slack communities I decided to take on a small scale personal project.

Objective — Create a simple open source to-do app. Sounds simple enough right? Yeah if you are anybody else but me.

A Tale of Failure & Success

Only I could take a simple task and over complicate it aiming to recreate the next Wunderlist or TickTick.

I gave myself two weeks, (bearing in mind I was at work during the day, my time was limited). Needless to say my first attempt was a failure, some days I would be stuck fixing bugs, other days I was trying to implement features that were totally unnecessary. When I wasn’t braking things I was researching how I could add Redux to the process… LOL! I was a mess.

Clearly this wasn’t the route to take & I was going against everything I previously mentioned in picking the tech that best fits your needs. I decided to scrap the entire GitRepo that I was working on, I was in over my head.

I took it back to the drawing board, I had a plan!

Create the most simple to-do app so that it can be used by others learning to use React. Features - Add, Edit, Save, Delete. Done!

Why was I complicating things before? Was it ego? wanting to show off my shiny new swimming goggles? Whatever it was I drowned along with it until a rescue boat called ‘simplicity’ came to my aid. Its another classic case of ‘Wanting vs Needing’.

Bliss found in Simplicity

In the end I am proud to say I finished it. It’s not a ground breaking application ready to get shipped to Play store.

It is however an entry point into React JS. I made sure the code was commented quite thoroughly.

It is something you guys can take, and extend to no end, or even just read through and get a feel for React.

You can find the Git Repo here: [ ].