Send Emails From Firebase with Zapier

I am building my third app (see app 1 and app 2) at I needed to get an email notification when a new job is posted so I can review and publish. Rather than re-invent the wheels, I decided to use the magic of zapier.

Basically, I have a jobs collection in firebase and I want to “ping” zapier that a new job is posted. I do that by watching for any job that has the “sent_to_zapier” flag null.

If the job has an email set and has not been sent to zapier, I send it and set the sent_to_zapier flag to true.

Setting it up in zapier is super easy. Here are the steps:

Setup the Trigger

Create a Webhooks Trigger
Create a Catch Hook
Paste this URL in your code.
This is the URL you will use in your code.

Setup the Email Action

Choose the Email action
Choose to Send Outbound Email
Configure your email using variables from your firebase object

The best part about all this is that you can chain multiple actions, for example after I send a notification email to myself, I also add the email address to my mailchimp and send an email to the customer telling them that I received their job post and will be responding soon. I am sure you can see how powerful this can be and all with very little code.