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Top ReactJS Features Every Developer Should Know About

Prior to Facebook’s introduction of ReactJS, most developers were obliged to undertake a great deal of writing in order to take advantage of the many technologies available, such as Angular, Node, and Meteor, and to hire ReactJS developers used to be a great deal.

The challenge for developers working in alternative frameworks is that they must rewrite most of the programs when creating often changing components. The framework was requested by developers so that they could simply modularize large projects and reuse existing code.

Today, ReactJS is widely used due to its advantageous characteristics, such as ease of use and adaptability. Many see it as the wave of the future for React creation.

Introduction to ReactJS

ReactJS is a Javascript library made up of smaller libraries, called components, that are used to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces for websites and mobile apps, with a focus on single-page applications that update their data in real-time.

It’s currently one of the most widely used front-end libraries written in JavaScript. The MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework’s View component is the focus here.

The entire front page is broken down into smaller pieces called “components” in React, and they are then combined to form the final view.

In contrast to AngularJS’s two-way data binding, where changes to the view are reflected in the data and vice versa, ReactJS’s key feature, the Virtual-DOM, only supports data binding in one direction. Instead of directly altering the DOM, React generates a Virtual DOM twice: once with the old data and once with the new data reflecting the view’s modifications.

Top Features of React JS

Let’s take a good look at React JS’s features before we get into why it’s so popular. This will be useful in learning about React JS.


Components are the backbone of React. All of these sub-parts serve separate purposes in terms of both viewing and making UIs. The reasoning behind the design of these parts is their greatest strength.

In addition, JavaScript is used instead of templates for this logic. The condition will be hidden from the DOM while the data is sent through the app using this feature.

Interface Elements That Have Been Preconfigured

The best thing about React is the open-source community of programmers who work on it. The JS library is a treasure trove of useful snippets of code that the programmer can use at any moment.

To add to the intrigue, this library comes with a plethora of ready-to-use UI components that may be used to build highly engaging applications.

There are paid and free parts, but both assist you to reach your goals. Furthermore, React JS boasts a full toolset with Bootstrap components, which is largely based on drag and drop. The addition of this functionality is a huge help for programmers.


Exhilarating speed is one of the benefits of React JS. The web app runs really quickly in comparison to other frameworks because of virtual DOM. In addition, increasing productivity during software development is made simple by the separation of UI complexity into separate pieces.

In addition, it allows for the parallel development of individual components by many users.

Thus, we have covered some of the newest additions to React JS.

As a result of its immense success, a plethora of fantastic applications like Facebook, Dropbox, WhatsApp, PayPal, etc. have been developed leveraging this remarkable technology. The popularity of these apps demonstrates how powerful React JS can be.


The most powerful aspects of ReactJS allow developers of websites and mobile apps to create engaging and responsive user interfaces.

Build very simple views for each of your app’s states, and as the underlying data changes, React will automatically refresh and re-render only the relevant parts.

React’s the usage of standard JavaScript makes it possible to employ a modular approach to developing web and mobile apps, which in turn helps to keep costs down. On the other hand, when the library is used extensively in both online and mobile projects, it becomes much more user-friendly.

Instanced Server-Side Rendering

In order to reduce page load times and rely less on component delivery, Facebook introduced ReactJ as a new language. Due to the browser’s role as the page’s intended recipient, ReactJS enables the browser to render before all of the JavaScript has been stacked and executed.

This feature of ReactJS helps the website load faster because it is the only way to pre-render the underlying states of React components on the server side. Besides HTML, JavaScript is used in the creation of ReactJS.

(VDOM) Virtual Document Object Model

When using React, you’ll have access to Virtual DOM, a memory approximation of the real DOM that’s much lighter than the real thing.

The time required to perform an action in real DOM is substantially higher than in VDOM because no visual representation is generated. While true DOM is updated in its entirety whenever an item’s state changes, VDOM merely updates the specific object in question.

When only one object in a web app has changed, this makes things move quickly, especially when compared to other front-end technologies.


In 2023, many businesses will leverage the many new React JS features to develop apps with impressive user interfaces.

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