Youtube desktop app with multimedia keyboard shortcuts

Adrian Florescu
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2 min readFeb 26, 2016


Do you want to be able to listen Youtube playlists without switching to your browser tab? Want to skip a song using your keyboard shortcuts?

I do, so I’ve created an electron wrapper to help me with this problem.


  • Native like experience
  • Multimedia keyboard shortcuts even if minimized
  • Works on Mac and Windows

Why I’ve done this?

I already have Apple Music (Apple Radio, iTunes Music, Music, I really don’t know the name of the service anymore) account, I had a Rdio account and recently subscribed to Google Music. (Youtube Music is not available in Romania).

All the apps mentioned above are poor in terms of content and discovery even if Google Music should get some inspiration from Youtube and also the data from it. My playlists and all. Why aren’t these synced?

How I’ve done this?

I used Nativefier and a small script created by me that takes advantage of the multimedia keyboard.

Nativefier is a command line tool that allows you to easily create a desktop application for any web site with succinct and minimal configuration. Apps are wrapped by Electron in an OS executable (.app, .exe, etc.) for use on Windows, OSX and Linux.

You can find the script and how to use it here:


This is a nodejs tool, so you’ll need node installed. It works on Windows and Mac and I think pretty much on any platform that electron supports.

Install instructions here:

Want a .dmg or .exe file? If you do, please comment, I’ll think about it, but I’m pretty sure Youtube will be angry on me if I do this.

To be added

I have a few ideas here, but for now I’ll let you play with this.



Adrian Florescu
Front-end WTF