A Story About Dylan Charbeneau (Radio Edit)

Before I met him, I knew three things about Dylan Charbeneau, and it made him sound like the world’s karmic answer for Rodrigo y Gabriela.

  • Born in Texas

I told him the story that I came up with, and he liked it.

It is a story about Dylan Charbeneau. It doesn’t have any facts in it and it hasn’t got anything to do with reality, but it’s a true Story.

I told Dylan his origin story, and he said it’s more interesting than his “real” origin story. I disagree, but I understand the feeling.

You ever come across figures in history who feel like the embodiment of something? Like how you can’t imagine Frank Zappa having any hobbies aside from music producing. He just lived that life completely.

That’s the feeling I got talking to Dylan Charbeneau.

He started playing keyboard practically before he could talk. He won his first keyboard composition contest at five. And it set him on a road that kept him in the central nexus of music ever since.

Always smiling when playing keys

Major rock star at twenty-five. Living the dream. Whose dream, though?

Dylan told the story about becoming an artist on a record that went Platinum in a subdued way. It almost sounded like he just needed to get through the key points of his resume. When he had done he could tell me what he really cared about.



Stories about storytellers who create the soundtrack to our brains. #lovemusic #loveyourlocal #frontpagenews

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