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I have been asked this question every-time from students that ‘How to be a good developer and secure a top-class career’? Even when I was learning to code, I also used to ask this question to every developer I met and all of them just told me to learn to code.

But is it the only thing you need to be a good developer? Obviously, you need to know how to code well but that doesn’t mean you will become a good developer and now you can secure a high-paying job.

So, what differentiates between a top coder and a…

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Nowadays becoming a software/web developer is undoubtedly one of the best career choices someone can make, not only because of the great job opportunities available but also because of the huge rewards in terms of personal satisfaction, self-development, and creative expression.

At the same time, we are seeing the rise of no-code development as GitHub founder said “Future of coding is no coding”. There are many tools that require almost zero knowledge of coding and let you make a full-fledged website.

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Writing is easy. Anyone can write. But, writing something which people would love to read is hard. It takes time to master this skill.

We recommend all our learners to document their learning and share the updates regularly on the social channels.

Learning in the peer group is a well-researched idea that helps you stay motivated and be in sync with your team.

The best way to track your progress is to document your learning. Here is a short guide for everyone who wants to document their learning journey.

This checklist is applicable to all platforms.

Follow this checklist.

  1. Start your post with…

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This is week 1 of the full-stack camp which we recently started at Frontbench. The goal of this weekly report is to share what we did last week, what our learners learn and built.

FullStack Camp by Frontbench is a peer community-based learning program to help students upskill in the latest technologies by building projects in teams.

At Frontbench, we don’t just teach how to code, but rather help students to improve their soft skills i.e writing, speaking, by encouraging them to document their learning in public. This weekly blog is also an initiative to learn and build in public.

What is this full-stack mentorship all about?

  • Deepak Kumar, a full-stack web-developer and the owner of a popular Github Repo called A-to-Z-Resources-for-Students came up with this initiative to mentor 15–20 students for free over a period of 3 months (Nov 2020 — Jan 2021) and help them build 9–10 projects. An important thing to note here is that he does this during his free time away from work, which according to me is really commendable.

The week as it happened…

  • I was very excited to be selected as it gave me the chance to meet amazing developers, work, learn and…

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Everything you want to learn today is available on the Internet, whether you want to become a full Stack Engineer, machine learning engineer, cloud engineer, designer, entrepreneur or even if you want to build a rocket company (like Elon Musk).

Still, India has more than 70%, unemployed graduates. And, even most of them who are employed earn less than Rs. 50k/month ( yes, all experience bracket).

FYI : Only 8% fresher jobs in India are above 3 LPA

A recent study from Columbia University’s Teachers College on EdX and Coursera courses indicated that the MOOC certificate programs had a completion…


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