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The Best Way to Learn is to Teach Others

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Do you know what my biggest harvest is after writing many articles on Medium?

My biggest harvest was that I actually understood the programming techniques mentioned in those articles.

Whenever I try to introduce a certain technology to others, I have to think deeply about the principle of the technology and the way I explain the subject. Sometimes, I don’t really understand a tech until I write an article about it.

Some articles about learn-by-teaching:

Do I have to be a pro at programming before I can start writing?

No. If you are a beginner in a certain technology, then you need more to learn by writing.

At the same time, because you have just gone through the process of going from Don’t Kown to Understand, it is easier for you to write articles that are easier for others to understand.

Frontend Canteen

Frontend Canteen is a Medium publication focused on front-end development. If you are also interested in front-end development, you are welcome to submit an article.

When we talk about front-end development, the following topics are covered:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML
  • Frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, etc.
  • General Programming Techs such as HTTP, Design Pattern, etc
  • We believe that Nodejs is also an indispensable part of front-end development, so Nodejs is also a topic of this Pub.


If you want to be a writer for this Pub, please write(copy-paste) this sentence in the comments.

Please add me as a writer of Frontend Canteen

If you are new to writing, I can provide some optimization suggestions for your article after you submit it.





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