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Javascript Spread Kavramı

Javascript Spread bize ne gibi avantajlar sağlar ? Kodun okunmasını nasıl kolaylaştırır ?

Onur Dayıbaşı
Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Javascript Spread Nedir?

...[2,4,6,8] => 2,4,6,8 olmasıdır.

Function Call/Apply Örneği

function sum(x,y,w,z){
let toplam=x+y+w+z; return toplam;
console.log(,3,5,7,9)); //24
console.log(sum.apply(this,[3,5,7,9])); /24

Array’ de Kullanım Örnekleri


const arr=[2,3]; arr.push(4,5) console.log(arr);//[2,3,4,5]
const arr=[2,3]; arr.push.apply([4,5]) console.log(arr);
const arr=[2,3]; arr.push([...4,5]) console.log(arr);

Array.splice() Örneği

const arr=[1,2]; arr.splice(1,0,4,5); console.log(arr)//[1,4,5,3]
const arr=[1,...[4,5],2]; console.log(arr)

Array.concat() Örneği

const arr=[1,2]; console.log(arr.concat([3,4],[5])) //[1,2,3,4,5]

Array ve Object Kopyalama Örneği

const arr1=[1,2]; const arr2=[...arr1]; arr1.push(3);
const obj1={a:1,b:2}; const obj2={...obj1}; obj1['c']=3;

Nesneyi Kopyalama Yöntemleri(Shallow/Deep Copy)

let obj = { a: [1, 2, {users: [{ name: ‘onur’, age: 12 }] }], b:2 };
const cloneObj={…obj}; //same => Object.assign({}, obj);
console.log(cloneObj);//Result interesting..
//cloneObj.b is 2 not 4 because it clones first level and cloneObj holds a new memory location for b
//but cloneObj.a[2].users[0].name is 'deniz' why because it hold reference cloning is not deeply.
const clonedeep = require('lodash.clonedeep')
function clone(obj) {
if (obj === null || typeof (obj) !== 'object' || 'isActiveClone' in obj)
return obj;
if (obj instanceof Date)
var temp = new obj.constructor(); //or new Date(obj);
var temp = obj.constructor();
for (var key in obj) {
if (, key)) {
obj['isActiveClone'] = null;
temp[key] = clone(obj[key]);
delete obj['isActiveClone'];
return temp;

Math’ da Kullanım Örnekleri

console.log(Math.max(1,5,3)); //5
console.log(Math.max.apply(this,[1,5,3])); //5
console.log(Math.max(…[1,5,3])); //5

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