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Best 7: Ads Block Chrome Extensions

Let suppose you are a chrome user. You use chrome daily basis to read news, watch videos and so on. But sometimes, ads are disturbing, and you lose your focus.

Best 7 Ads Block Chrome Extensions by Rajdeep Singh
Best 7: Ads Block Chrome Extensions

You use a chrome browser in daily life to complete your tasks. So that reason you open and visit so many websites in a single day. Maybe you are an office worker, and you visit the website for office work.

Usually, we work with co-workers, colleagues, friends, and Suddenly you visit a website, and Ads are starting to pop up in your browser. But that usually is everybody understands. But the problem began when you opened music and maybe an article. That website adds adult ads on the website.

Suddenly adult ads start showing in your chrome browser and laptop again and again. The website store their cookies in your browser, and you do not understand what happened. that reason I'm using ads block extension in my browser every day.

There is lots of ads blocker currently in the market. I'm discussing only a few, which are free and safe for you.

This article is based on my opinion and some ad block extension that I use in my daily life. All the extensions are free and easy to install in your chrome.

You select one of the ad blocker extension and download in your chrome browser.

All Extensions are available in the chrome web store, and do not install chrome extensions on another website.

You visit the official Chrome web store website and download any extensions for your need.

List of ads blocks chrome extension.

AdBlock — best ad blocker

The Adblock extension widely uses by people. It is easy to use. According to the Adblock team, 60 million users and 350 million downloads on the Chrome web store.

uBlocker — Ad Block Tool for Chrome

uBlock extension is a famous chrome extension. uBlocker stop all ads on website, including pre-roll video ads, text ad, pop-up ads, banners, malware, viruses, stop tracking and much more.

uBlocker is an effective block ad from Youtube, Facebook and many other popular websites.

Adblock Plus — free ad blocker

Adblock Plus chrome extension is also a popular chrome extension. Adblock Plus also blocks ads on websites, youtube, Facebook, pop-ups and improve web speed.

AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard Adblocker is my recommended extension. AdGuard also works the same as other ad-block. AdGuard blocks all ads on websites page, rich media advertising, unwanted pop-ups, banners and text. Adblock also help to speed up the website.

Ghostery — Privacy Ad Blocker

Ghostery Chrome extension helps to protect privacy. Ghostery Block, all ads, stop trackers on the website and speed up websites.

AdBlock Max — ad blocker

Adblock Max extension work like other extensions. Adblock Max is a simple, easy-to-use and content blocker that will remove unwanted ads, protect you from trackers, and load up web pages significantly faster.

Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker work like other chrome AdBlock extension. It also stops annoying ads, googles ads, pop-ups, malware and tracking, improves the browser faster, and protect your privacy.


You Install only of ad-block extension. Which I told you in the article. You download other chrome web store ad-block extensions, which you like. All extensions primarily work the same and are free to use.



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