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Best All-Time 10 Free Figma Plugin In 2021?

Figma is the best prototype Design Software.

In this new post, I am telling you my all-time favorite Figma plugin. All plugins help to increase your workflow in Figma design.

Free Figma Plugin In 2021
Free Figma Plugin In 2021

1. Unsplash:

Unsplash Figma plugin created by Unsplash. unsplash plugin helps insert beautiful images from Unsplash inside your designs.

install on Figma:

2. Iconify:

Iconify Figma plugin created by Vjacheslav Trushkin. Iconify plugin help to add various platforms. You use iconify to material design icons, font awesome, jam icons, emoji one, twitter emoji, and many other icons.

You use around 50,000 icons on your Figma document as well you use vector shapes Icon also.

Check out all platform lists that we have to use:

Installs on Figma:

3. Lorem ipsum:

Lorem ipsum Figma plugin created by Dave Williames. lorem Ipsum generates dummy text to fill your text layers in Figma.
Lorem Ipsum auto-generate system will fill the selected layers with the perfect amount of dummy text.

Install on Figma:

4. Figmotion:

Figmotion plugin created by Liam Martens. figmotion is an excellent plugin, in my opinion. figmotion is an animation tool built right inside Figma. This plugin makes helping an easy way to apply animation on your prototype In Figma.

Install on Figma:

5. Autoflow:

AutoFlow Figma plugin was created by David Zhao & Yitong Zhang. Autoflow helps to create a draw flow very easily in your Figma design.

In autoflow, select two objects help of the shift key and then the autoflow plugin to draw a magical line between two objects.

Install on Figma:

6. Charts:

Charts Figma plugin created By Sam Mason de Caires. Charts Figma plugin allows you to generate charts in our Figma document. You quickly edited the chart inside your Figma document. You choose a line, area, pie, doughnut, scatter, and bar chart for your design.
Each chart has configurations, such as several points, max, and min values.

Install on Figma:

7. Vectary 3D:

Vectary 3D Figma plugin created by Vectary. The vectary 3D Figma plugin adds a 3D design to our Figma document. vectary place predefined 3D mock-up and your custom 3D element On the Figma document.

Install on Figma:

8. Blobs:

Dylan Feltus created the blobs Figma plugin. Blobs Figma plugin creates organic blob shapes in your Figma document. Every time the blobs plugin creates a new shape, that shape generated is unique to the last time generated.

Install on Figma:

9. Mapsicle:

Chris Arvin created the Mapsicle Figma plugin. mapsicle Figma plugin is a great plugin, in my opinion. It solved a very unquiet and minor problem, which I face most often and is time-consuming.

You use the mapsicle Figma plugin to add very easily and quickly google map on Figma document.

Install on Figma:

10. Remove BG:

Remove the bg Figma plugin created by Aaron Iker. Remove bg plugin help to remove the background of images automatically with a single click. You use the remove bg plugin. You will need a remove—bg account.

In the API way, you remove only 50 Images in a month.

Install on Figma:



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