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How many nodejs version managers?
How many nodejs version managers?

Node package manager

How many node.js version managers are present in the javascript world?

The major five-node version manager to Install and manage multiple node.js versions on your machine.

A node version manager is a cli tool that helps to manage a multiple running node.js version in your machine.

There is multiple node package manager in the developer community. We discuss a few of them.

With node version manager, you easily switch versions between the working environments without running any additional commands.

Many developers use different words for node version managers like node version management, extendable version manager and manage multiple nodejs versions.

It creates confusion for new developers. All the node version managers tools use a different name.

But the main task is to help install the different node versions. You can use any of them.

There are five node version managers.

  1. nvm
  2. nodenv
  3. asdf
  4. n
  5. pnpm

nvm ( 60k star )

nvm is the most popular node version manager, and the first version was released on 21 Apr 2010. nvm, help to manage different nodejs versions in your workspace.

nodenv ( 1.8k star )

nodenv is also a node version manager and launched on 18 Mar 2013.

asdf (15.5k star)

asdf is a similar node version manager and launched on 28 Jul 2016. asdf support Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, and Erlang language.

n (16.7k star)

the n is a node version manager for nodejs. the n is the oldest package manager for nodejs. The first release version was on 5 Jan 2011.

pnpm (19.0k star )

pnpm is a recently launched nodejs package manager. pnpm also provides a node version manager.


Every node version manager works fine. However, some people critique the nvm as a slow node version manager.

I use nvm in my daily life, and it is acceptable for me. However, if you like easiness, I recommend n node version manager. n is less complicated cli provide for beginners, and with one command, you download the node and set up a default nodejs in the machine.


If you are a beginner developer, I think pnpm is an excellent choice. Because with pnpm, you install different npm packages and nodejs versions on your laptop. So you do not need to learn the extra cli tool rather than run pnpm.

The pnpm help installs package for as well as help install a different version of nodejs.

The big news is that you install different nodejs versions according to your workspace or project with .npmrc file.

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