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Install react-bulma-components in My Reactjs App

react-bulma-components is another library to build a custom web app using the Bulma CSS framework.

react-bulma-components is a library build with reactjs and Bulma CSS framework. This package provides you with react custom components for your projects like Material-UI and reactstrap. You use this package you build your own web app very fast and easy. Because all react custom components build with the Bulma CSS framework.

Install react-bulma-components in My Reactjs App

If you install the only Bulma CSS framework in your web app. so that you follow this article.

let's start it


  1. Installations
  2. Import CSS or SASS
  3. Build Example App


How to install react-bulma-components?

You install react-bulma-components help on yarn and npm. These two ways are recommended by the react-bulma-components package.

Install Npm

npm install react-bulma-components

Install Yarn

yarn add -E react-bulma-components

Import CSS or SASS

After your installation steps completely, then import your CSS or Sass file in react app.


  1. CSS
  2. Sass


If you use the CSS inside your app, you import the build CSS file on the index.js file, and your project CSS is working correctly.

import 'react-bulma-components/dist/react-bulma-components.min.css';


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import App from './App';
import 'react-bulma-components/dist/react-bulma-components.min.css';
<App />


If you use sass inside your project, first set up your project and install a node-sass and Bulma package inside your react project.

npm install node-sass --save-devandnpm install bulma

After install, the node-sass and Bulma package then imports the Bulma sass file in your sass file.

@import '~bulma/bulma.sass';


Do not import the Bulma sass file in the you-File-Name.scss file extension. Then you face an error. because of Bulma build with you-File-Name.scss file extension

Follow my steps. You easily install sass in your Bulma project.

Build Example App

In this article, we build a blog project for you. in the project, we build a Header, Footer, Layout, and Card Components in react use of react-Bulma-components

react-bulma-components demo

Best Learning Resouce for react-bulma-components

Suppose you start to learn the react-bulma-components library. You follow the GitHub official repo page.

If you interest to play online with the react-bulma-components library. Then I'm highly suggested you follow this link.


If you build your own website or project, use the Bulma CSS framework and react js. Then I highly recommend you to use the react-bulma-components library.

Your website is one page. Then you use a simple Bulma CSS framework and do not use the react-bulma-components library. Because of the library, you increase the website size and decrease your website speed also.



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