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Best Kits for tailwind CSS for 2023
Best Kits for tailwind CSS for 2023

Tailwind CSS

Top 21 best free tailwind CSS libraries (Kits) for 2023 [updated]

Tailwind CSS is the future of web designing

Tailwind CSS does not come with ready-made components like bootstrap. another hand, tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework. The simple meaning of that it provides a bunch of classes and removes unused styles (classes) in the production.

Tons of libraries help to provide a ready-made component for tailwind css. Tailwind CSS helps to increase development speed, and you do not need to write a tailwind class again and again in your HTML and design the website with copy and paste code.

You got my favorite tailwind CSS UI kit list in my articles, which I use daily. Some libraries are open source, and some come with a free and paid plan. Most of the libraries come with dark mode supported.


The main purpose of the article is to share a list of tailwind CSS base libraries(Kit). It does not compare any library with another library.


  1. Flowbite
  2. Radix-ui
  3. Material Tailwind
  4. Meraki UI
  5. Sailboat UI
  6. Kometa
  7. Headless UI
  8. Daisy UI
  9. Hyper UI
  10. Flowrift
  11. Tailwind UI kit
  12. Tailwind-kit
  13. Wickedblocks
  14. Tailus
  15. Tailgrids
  16. Kutty
  17. Windmill UI
  18. Myna UI
  19. Tailwind Starter Kit
  20. Tailblocks
  21. Tailwind toolbox


Flowbite is a popular library builtin with tailwind CSS and provides inbuilt tailwindcss components for developers. You create website layouts like copy-paste and save lots of time and energy. Flowbite comes with both free and paid plans.


Radix-ui is a popular library builtin on the tailwind css framework. Radix UI feels like material UI.

Material Tailwind

Material Tailwind comes with ready-made components. You can design pure HTML and react website layouts using material tailwind components. The fun part is the material tailwind maintained by Creative Tim.

Meraki UI

Meraki UI provides 144+ custom UI components built with tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. Meraki UI is open-source under an MIT license. Meraki UI also supports dark mode out of the box.

Sailboat UI

Sailboat UI provides 150+ tailwind CSS components with tailwind CSS and alpine.js. Sailboat UI is open-source under an MIT license. The cool part is a sailboat UI is a new framework launched in December 2022.


Kometa is UI kit based on tailwind CSS. Kometa provides 130 inbuilt tailwinds CSS-based components, and Kometa is free. Komet a is maintain by kitwind.

Headless UI

Headless UI is a slight tailwind CSS-based component library only for react developers. Handless UI is open source and maintained by tailwind Lab.

Daisy UI

Daisy UI is an open-source UI based on tailwind CSS. The Big motivation is to use daisy UI in our project. IS writes fewer classes and achieves the same UI design with daisy UI compared to tailwind CSS.

Hyper UI

Hyper UI is a free open-source tailwind CSS-based component for modern design. Hyper UI is a complete bundle of CSS and javascript. You do not need any else.


Flowrift is a free open-source tailwind CSS-based component library. It provides different category components for the website.

Tailwind UI kit

The tailwind UI kit provides an extensive list of inbuilt components. In the free plan tailwind, the UI kit provides only 250 components; in the paid plan, you access all components and templates for a lifetime.


The tailwind kit provides access to over 250 free tailwinds CSS-based components. All components are compatible with Reactjs, Vuejs, and Angular, and All components are available under an MIT license.


Wickedblocks provide a free 120 fully responsive tailwind CSS-based component, and All component comes ready to copy and paste into your Tailwind projects. But I can't find wicked blocks license guidelines.


Tailus provides a list of UI components and templates built on tailwind CSS. Tailus components offer a rich and modern UI experience. Tailus is free and comes with a vs code plugin; you do not need to copy and paste your code.


Tailgrids provides a variety of 500+ components, blocks, sections, and templates built on tailwind CSS. Tailgrids come with free and paid plans. All the tailgrids components provide rich and modern UI experiences for users.


Kutty is based on reusable tailwind CSS components and adds component interaction with alpine.js. With kutty, you write fewer tailwind classes and achieve a lot. Kutty provides the feel of bootstrap and comes with an MIT license.

Windmill UI

Windmill UI is a free react base UI component library design with tailwind CSS.

Myna UI

Myna UI is open source tailwind CSS-based component library. It provides few components as compared to other libraries.

Tailwind Starter Kit

Tailwind Starter Kit is a Free and Open Source library. The Tailwind Starter Kit is based on Tailwind CSS. It is ready to use all HTML, ReactJS, Vue, and Angular components—Tailwind Starter Kit designed and maintained by creative-Tim under MIT License.


Tailblocks is a small library based on tailwind CSS. Tailblocks provide 60+ inbuilt components. All the component is responsive and dark mode ready. Tailblocks are available under MIT License.

Tailwind toolbox

A tailwind toolbox site is where you find other people's projects on tailwind CSS. All the project is free, and you copy and paste code into your project.


I’m not recommending the one library to stay with. Rather, follow every library I mention in my article and use it according to your design requirement.

Bookmark all the libraries in the browser and use them.

I tell you, you do not need any paid plan if you are a freelance, student, or small startup.

Suppose you are interested in saving time and improving the development process speed. Then you buy a paid plan for any of them, which I mention in the list of libraries. For paid plan, my recommendation is tailwind Ui, Tailwind UI kit, and Flowbite.

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