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What is Bootstrap 5 alpha?

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the Most Popular Front-end Framework. Used for Building responsive Websites. Mobile responsiveness is First Approach.

What is Bootstrap 5 alpha?

Recently Bootstrap launched a new Bootstrap version 5. Bootstrap 5 alpha


  1. No more Jquery:
  2. CSS Custom Properties
  3. Browsers and devices
  4. Switching from Jekyll to Hugo
  5. Updated Form
  6. Utilities API
  7. Enhanced Grid System
  8. Bootstrap Customize
  9. Custom Icons
  10. Class updates
  11. Improved documentation

Get started

Install the pre-release version with Npm

npm i bootstrap@next
npm i bootstrp@5.0.0-alpha

Bootstrap Npm Starter Template:

Bootstrap 5 alpha CDN

From bootstrap 5, we can import only popper.js and bootstrap.js like below. No need for Jquery.

Bootstrap 5 alpha CDN On


Bootstrap 5 alpha CDN On Github

No more Jquery:

No more Jquery In Bootstrap v5
No more Jquery In Bootstrap v5
  • Bootstrap v5 no longer depends on jQuery
  • Reduce Bootstrap File Size
  • Remove jquery No support IE 10 and 11
  • Switch to Vanilla JavaScript
  • Use All JavaScript Plugin All-Around World.

CSS Custom Properties:

Bootstraps use a lot of CSS custom properties in :root variables Access all variables listed in scss _root.scss file.


Edit or Custom properties inside scss File.

Root variables

Browsers and devices

Alpha Bootstrap Do not Support Explorer 10 and 11. So instead, you insert it in Internet Explorer. In that case, you use Bootstrap v4.

Desktop browsers:

Supported browsers in Bootstrap v5
Desktop browsers

Mobile devices:

Supported browsers in Bootstrap v5
Mobile devices

Switching from Jekyll to Hugo:

Jekyll to Hugoin Bootstrap
Jekyll to Hugoin Bootstrap

Jekyll is an open-source static site generator.use Jekyll layouts to create a static website.

Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility on your site, it is written in the Go language, making it lightning-fast, easy to use, and configure.

Problem With Jekyll:

Two major issues:

  1. Jekyll requires Ruby to be installed
  2. Site generation was very slow

Hugo, on the other hand, is written in Go, so it has no external runtime dependencies and is much faster.

Hugo also organizes your content with any URL structure. But with Jekyll, that is Not possible.

Updated Form:

Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Forms

Remove of .form-row and .form-inline Class In Bootstrap v5.

Form-control, layout, validation, checkbox, radio, select, file, range, and more custom components are very good looking and improve the behaviour of form controls across OS and browsers.

Utilities API:

In my opinion, the utility API is a great Functionality in the new bootstrap v5. The utility API depends on and works with Sass.

The Bootstrap v5 utilities are generated with the utility API, with the utility API you use to change or extend Bootstrap's classes according to your mind.

$utilities: () !default;
$utilities: map-merge(
// ...
"width": (
property: width,
class: w,
values: (
25: 25%,
50: 50%,
75: 75%,
100: 100%,
auto: auto
// ...
"margin": (
responsive: true,
property: margin,
class: m,
values: map-merge($spacers, (auto: auto))
// ...
), $utilities);

Enhanced Grid System:

  • gutter classes have been replaced by .g* ut
  • Columns no longer Position: relative
  • Bootstrap Provide 6 BreakPoints In Bootstrap
Bootstrap Breakpoint
Bootstrap Breakpoint

Bootstrap Customize:

Bootstrap customization List

Bootstrap customization greater Feature extends with Sass. This time bootstrap provides multiple ways to customize Bootstrap.

You customize your code using scss,scss variables, colour, and Components according to your interests.

Two methods:

  1. Using Bootstrap NPM package manager
  2. Using Bootstrap's compiled distribution files or the BootstrapCDN

Class Updates:

Version 5 introduces a new Bootstrap CSS class. In addition, some classes will no longer be available in the latest version, and some CSS classes will be added.

Utilities API helps create your class and Customize Accounting to your choice.


.gutter classes have been replaced with .g* utilities.

Remove Class

  • Card-deck
  • form-inline
  • form-row
  • list-inline
  • .font-size-sm
  • .font-size-base
  • .font-size-lg
  • .font-size-xl

Add Class

  • row-cols-auto
  • .text-sm
  • .text-base
  • .text-lg
  • .text-xl
  • g-* classes control the horizontal and vertical gutter width
  • gy-* classes control the vertical/row gutter width
  • gx-* classes control the horizontal/row gutter width

Improved documentation:

According to the official blog post, the core developers behind the framework say that they have improved the documentation by giving more explanations and examples for the developer to improve their website speed and other stuff.

2. Traversy Media

25+ Min Introduction Bootstrap Alafa By Traversy Media

3. DesignCourse

14+ Min Introduction Bootstrap Alafa By Gary Simon


Bootstrap 5 alpha great Impact Framework For Developer. Old Bootstrap V4 Not Support Web Performance.

The basic issue in Bootstrap v4:

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