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Being Change Capable Is Key to Your Success

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“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” — Deepak Chopra

Why is the idea of change — especially change imposed upon us — so often unwelcome? Blame our experience as a species. For most of human history, change has been dangerous; the safest course of action has generally been to return to the known.

However, the pace of change in our lives and in the world is going to continue to increase. It’s unlikely that we’re ever going to return to a time when everything stays status quo. Having the ability to accept and respond well to necessary change is going to become more important with every passing day.

Therefore, rewire yourself in this way: to learn to think and feel differently about change; to become change-capable. The most important way to get comfortable with a new way of doing things or thinking about things is simply to do it. And then do it again. It’s your best path to a successful, satisfying personal and professional life in this era of non-stop change.

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