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COVID-19 Special — Staying Mindful When You’re Working Remotely

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It is important to cultivate mindfulness when working in an online environment as a way to combat stress and burnout. Here are three mindfulness principles that can help reduce stress

From doing to being: Offer your presence — New remote and hybrid working environments have thrust managers into excessive patterns of taking action (doing). But sometimes, how you respond in the presence of others (Being) can be more important than your actions. Another’s presence (or lack thereof) is noticeable. Hence to enhance the quality of your leadership presence with others, take a moment to reflect on your physical and emotional state when entering a new meeting.

From future to present: Be here, now — You forgo important opportunities for connection and empowering others if you’re in your mind, planning “the next step” or worrying about something that might not happen. Hence its important to take a moment to step back from the busy-ness and view your tasks with perspective. Next time you’re in a virtual meeting and notice your mind has wandered off, bring your mind to where your body actually is — this present moment, right here, right now.

From me to you: Enabling connection and community — Try deepening your listening and try listening without wanting to “fix” people or insisting they get over things. Encourage the person speaking to discover and voice a way forward. They will appreciate and be empowered by it, finding their own path or solution.

For more principles, read the full story on HBR



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