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Frontier’s plans as Sri Lanka eases restrictions


On March 21st we created a simple plan for continuing our work during Covid-19 as summarized in this blog post.

For Frontier, this was easy to implement, having already had a hybrid work arrangement that only necessitated team members to come into office for 2 days a week and having also implemented 100% remote work for 3-week stretches during the April and December holiday periods.

As we said in that last post, doing client meets over video was new to us. But we feel we have got the hang of it by now.

With the country reopening, what are we doing?

While clearly the country needs to reopen and given government guidelines like:

- “Encourage work from home at all possible occasions”

- “Conduct meeting using telecommunication technologies”


We are going to continue to work fully remotely and there will be no face-to-face team meetings at Frontier till further notice.

Furthermore, until further notice our clients meetings will continue to be done through video — again supporting government guidelines.



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