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Tips for Virtual Meetings

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It’s quite likely that we’ll all continue to be having virtual meetings for some time. But nearly every online meeting will have some hiccups while they take place (We’ve been there too!)

Vivo Team Development shares some simple insights on how to hold successful virtual team meetings, showing that being mindful of the basics can go a long way.

Here are our top picks:

Join before the meeting starts: It’s important to use this time to test your equipment/audio/video and make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Mute yourself: It’s important to mute your mic when you’re not talking so that background noise doesn’t get into the meeting.

Resist temptation to multitask: Focus your full attention on the meeting, avoid responding to emails or doing other work.

Hand over Radio Style: When you’re done talking, you should hand over to the person expected to speak next, to avoid confusion and make the meeting smooth.

You can watch the full video here




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