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Want to know if Frontier is the right fit for you? Keep reading!

Here, we’ve compiled a list of blog posts which provide an overview of how Frontier functions. We are not your typical 18-year old company! With our start-up mentality where we constantly try new things, we have the spirit of a firm that is much younger.

Do read them all as we like our candidates to get a full sense of what we are about before you chat with us.

Why Frontier does not require economics degrees to do Economics

Five things Frontier does not offer you (but might in the future)

Three things Frontier will never offer you

Thinking of applying to Frontier? Here’s everything you need to know

Leaders aren’t born, so we are making them in our leadership programme

I’ve failed a lot, here’s why that’s OK

Recruitment, the Frontier way

What is Frontier Research

For those who are looking for a stable company overall, but a job that is flexible and supports growth in multiple aspects, our core business has shown steady and slow growth. Therefore going concern of our business isn’t necessarily something to worry about, as many seem to find with most start-ups.

The Frontier culture also embraces non-linear career paths. If you are thinking that you do not have the right qualifications to join Frontier, you do not have to worry! Your degree does not have to define your future! So, you can pursue a career path that excites you, regardless of your area of study!

Below is one such example of a team member who started life at Frontier as an Economist, self-learned software development and recently left Frontier for a really great job at a software firm in the UK!

From Economics to Software; How Frontier’s learning culture enables change

Have you read everything above? If Frontier still feels like the right fit for you, write to us and tell us why that is and why we should choose you, along with your CV. Send your application to




The official blog of Frontier Research (Sri Lanka)

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Frontier Research

Frontier Research

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