5 more frontier tech pilots have been chosen

Our Frontier Technology Livestreaming portfolio has just doubled!

We opened our second call for entries on the 26th April and before we knew it, the deadline had arrived and we were in Dragon’s Den pitch sessions… with the unenviable task of selecting projects to take forward from a very impressive set of submissions.

We’ll be sharing more updates about each of these projects and how they progress, but for now, here they are:

Humanitarian Supply Blockchain
Testing how distributed ledger technology could improve the speed and efficiency of humanitarian delivery

Frontier Infrastructure Management 
Integrating UAVs, remote sensing and crowdsourcing to plan and monitor rural infrastructure

Digital Marketplace Mozambique
Connecting market consumers and traders across a local mesh network to boost female economic empowerment

Smart Meter Challenge
Testing low cost smart solutions to improving grid efficiency, sustainability and accountability

Humanitarian Feedback in Ethiopia
Hacking frontier technologies to create an Ethiopian solution to raising the voices of beneficiaries

Please do follow this publication for updates on how we progress.