BBOXX — machine-to-machine technology and smart analytics for offgrid solar

By Joseph Dawson

An exciting addition to DFID’s Frontier Technology Livestreaming launch event, BBOXX are a Chiswick-based company at the forefront of supply and remote monitoring of off-grid solar products.

BBOXX’s primary offering is ‘BBOXX Home’, a Solar Home System, which is comprised of a 50W solar panel and an integrated battery and control box, which can be used to power up to five DC electrical appliances and has two USB charging ports. BBOXX’s ‘SMART Solar’ technology provides the system with machine-to-machine connectivity via 2G cellular networks and SMS. This allows the collection of a wealth of data on usage, functionality and location from each individual system. Importantly, it also means that the system can be enabled and disabled remotely, reducing the risk of extending credit to low income households. Payment plans become easily enforceable with SMART Solar: if payments are missed, the system can be disabled.

In addition to the solar home system, BBOXX also supply a range of compatible DC appliances such as LED lamps, televisions, phone chargers, and portable radios and lamps. BBOXX have distributed over 80,000 systems so far, and anticipate scaling massively over the next few years, planning to reach 20 million people by 2020.

Check out this video to learn more about how BBOXX uses Internet of Things — embedding a sensing and communications board with the battery — to support their asset finance business model which is frontier.