Eight more pilots join the programme

The fourth Cohort of DFID Frontier Tech Pioneers have been selected.

Lea Simpson
Mar 5 · 2 min read

The fourth Frontier Technology Livestreaming (FTL) call to DFID staff, launched by Matthew Rycroft on the 9th January, has now concluded and the latest cohort of pilot ideas has been selected!

After much discussion, Dragon’s Den pitches and deliberation, the eight pilots selected are:

  • A multipurpose drone platform for Malawi: piloting humanitarian and development drone operations combining data gathering, medical deliveries and connectivity
  • An AI-assisted tool to diagnose TB and silicosis in Southern Africa: harnessing machine learning to automate analysis of lung x-rays, unlocking compensation for ex-miners
  • Smart learning for conflict-displaced children in Burma: enabling the continuation of learning in conflict through locally-configured solar-powered learning boxes
  • E-commerce platforms serving remote businesses in Nigeria: exploring whether emerging e-commerce platforms can also boost local enterprises
  • Tracking UK aid payments on the Blockchain: testing if distributed ledger technology can strengthen the link between payments and results in humanitarian programming
  • Internet of things button for real-time data capture and course corrections: investigating how internet of things buttons can tighten delivery feedback loops
  • “Pay-as-you-chill” seasonal cold storage in Zambia: trialling a new flexible-access model giving small farmers access to cold chain storage to reduce crop wastage, increase food security, and improve incomes
  • Confidential sexual health chatbot for young Kenyans: testing if a chatbot can provide positive, empathetic and accurate sexual information, avoiding embarrassment, shame and human prejudice

Congratulations to the newest cohort of Frontier Tech Pioneers on their outstanding ideas!

The eight approved pilots will receive funding, matchmaking with technology solution providers and support to work in lean and agile ways. These pilots join FTL’s global portfolio of frontier technology teams.

Frontier Technologies Hub

Working with the UK Dept. for International Development to apply frontier technologies to the biggest challenges in development.

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